Winner is the Judge #11 : Commons

OFFICIAL 'Winner Is The Judge' RULES:
1) The judge cannot participate in the current contest or the next contest (This is to prevent the same people from winning all the time).
2) This contest will last exactly two weeks.
3) Each person may enter only one card for this challenge.
4) Only enter if you are willing to host the next challenge (in case you win).

Right, so here's the next "Winner is the Judge" challenge and I'm hoping people find it interesting. Who knows? Let's see what happens...

I know I make far more rares and mythics than commons and uncommons, and that may or may not be true for many other cardsmiths as well.

So what I'm looking for is a common rarity card. It can be any kind of card but ideally I'm looking for something that could be constructed playable. Not necessarily top tier competitive, but more FNM, MTGO standard casual. i.e. not a card that would really only ever get seen in limited.

Here are some current examples of the sort of thing I'm talking about:

Mardu Scout
Elvish Visionary
Read the Bones
Titan's Strength
Nantuko Husk
Embodiment of Spring
Gurmag Angler

We'll ignore Treasure Cruise, but basically make a balanced yet powerful common.

1. Any card type (except for a basic land obvs), any CMC, etc.
2. Must be a common.
3. Maximum 5 entries per person.

Presentation, so art selection, templating, spelling, etc; balance; usefulness; and flavour.

1st place - 10 faves
2nd place - 5 faves
3rd place - 3 faves

Have fun!


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