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    @Scott_Anderson both Erina and Oboris are part of a block i'm working on, if you want to i could send you the story of Erina until now, what they do next is part of the next set, and cards related to that haven't been created yet.
    On another note, i recently made this card: with the effect Devourer 1, i am personally unsure if this effect would be too strong, so if possible i'd like some input on that. If it is too strong i could potentionally make the ability activate after combat damage.
  • It steals abilities but only from 1/1s that it deals combat damage to? That seems fine.
  • No it was slightly different Example:
    a 2/2 with devoring 1 blocking a 2/3 can take 1 thougness thus not dying.
    a 2/2 with devouring 1 being blocked by a 2/2 with first strike could take first strike and thus win, this was originally intended to happen before damage was dealt, but i was thinking of changing that, because that seemed a little too strong.
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    New borders means updates to some cards!
    image image image

    They're all part of the Yirivar Set.

    (On Burren)
    After shamelessly claiming for himself complete and total control over the soft-spoken tradesman people of Yirivar, Burren thought it only right that he should formally exact some form of tax upon these wealthy merchants. "They can afford it, of course. If, however, they deem trifles of value enough to withhold them from me, they will be swiftly and publicly punished."

    The edifice in which he now sits was once known as "Commerce Hall"; the throne on which he now sits was previously part of an extensive collection from an ancient era; the people over which he now sits are free men.

    Burren, the villainous infidel who'd fallen out of favor with his distant knightly relatives and taken to a more barbarian lifestyle, took what he wished. There was little opposition here, exactly what he wanted.

    One thing that did anger Burren was the Yirivar alliance with many bird species; cranes in particular were more than capable of delivering messages and smuggling smaller merchandise between the merchants of Yirivar. Burren reasoned that all that was necessary to bring this evasive method of communication to a halt was increased "taxation" and more severe discipline for the disobedient.
  • @Battlesocke and cardsmiths in general:

    My pet peeve is that sooooo many creatures we make have hexproof even when there's no flavor reason for them to warrant it. One of the key premises is that every creature should have a good way to deal with it (being hexproof is a strong, strong ability.)

    That's a pet peeve though, it's not a problem with the card. So /rant off


    She is too strong. A standing counterspell, even one with the limitations she has, would be a four-of and even bend people's mana bases to include her. Therefore, there should be a mana cost attached to her activated ability. At least UW or UU if not 3 mana.
  • thank you for the feedback, I responded on the card itself :) @scott_anderson
  • @sorinjace, Warrior's Monument needs a comma after first strike. Also, why not an artifact for a Monument? Why not a Legacy?

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    @Gelectrode sorry i had forgotten to update the post of warriors monument on the forum in this discussion. I already had updated the card to be an artifact; ill go update it asap. What do you mean by legacy though?
  • A new card after I’ve been gone for a while, based on a past mechanic i used, ideas?
  • @Futbol I think they had epic in an older set but I can't find it. Like an epic sorcery or something.

    In any case, it's a fine ability. It might even be overcosted.

    But it's in the wrong color. Blue doesn't do life gain except in conjunction with white, green or black. In the very olden days it did do it a couple of times, but even then it was super rare.
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    Thoughts on the newest?
    image image image
  • the pair go together well. I like the giant a lot.
  • @Faiths_guide I like them. I suggest making towering force a rare and valley keeper and uc.

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    Check this out:

    I’m dying for some feedback here.
  • ? Your link is wrong @Scott_Anderson?
  • Omg how embarrassing @sorinjace

    I fixed the link, thank you!
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    Any thoughts on this?

  • @Dechujoh64 It is a very good card but I would lower the soulshift to 2 because otherwise it can just pull itself out of the graveyard. If you have enough mana and a sacrifice outlet then you can get a bunch of ETB and death triggers.
  • What do you think?

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    Trying to create a new line of colorless creatures, ones that are simply born in a toxic wasteland, thus they are devoid.
    This one happens to be a new creature type... Merwolf = Merfolk + Wolf

  • @spellpiper2213 I don't think the limitation is necessary. This could just gain you 5 life if you want. Or it could gain you 3 per creature you control. A CMC 7 in two colors ought to give you a huge advantage.

    @decujoh64 it's a nice Sophie's Choice. Darned either way.
  • For @Anyone who's willing, could you stop by, read my comment, and give input on This Card?
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