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  • Here is my card. . .
  • @jpastor, maybe have it give blocking creatures -1/-1 until end of turn. That would be more realistic with Kamigawa mechanics.

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    @Temurzoa Just whack the burn deck once and watch things go nuts. This is for Mr. Maelstrom over here.
    EDIT: Especially in Commander.
  • Thoughts anyone? Is this worded correctly?
    It's an updated version of an old card
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    I do not know if the middle one conveys that I wish for it to be able to be activated on opponents turns as well
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    Edited a second card into my comment.
  • Hi all, here's what I've been working on lately. Most of these build late at night, so minimal views if any. Little late for these to make the popular list, but just wondering if any are worth your faves...

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    *Feralia Gergantia
    My suggestion is:
    This spell costs {1} less to cast for each multicolored permanent you control.
    When Feralia Gergantia dies, the next spell you cast this turn gains cascade.

    I would make it death trigger, so that we can't abuse it with flicker effects.
    I don't think card draw effect and life gain effect are necessary. Cascade alone is already interesting enough.
    It should say "this turn" to avoid memory issues.

    It's a bit too complex for a common, and that mana ability is color pie break.
    If you have five or more lands, you probably can get all color of mana the deck needs from your lands unless you are running 4 or 5 color deck. So I think that mana ability won't be used so often. I suggest changing that ability to something else that is more useful in late game.

    Camouflage's wording is a bit off. Players don't have land type. Maybe "(This creature can't be blocked as long as defending player controls a land that shares a type with a land you control.)" is correct.
    Camouflage is a pretty good evasion ability, so that makes its firebreathiing ability very dangerous. The card and/or activated ability should cost more.

    So it's YOU who discards a card. Interesting.
    Very minor thing- it should say "Whenever" instead of "When"

    This should be rare, and probably should cost 6 mana. The last ability is too delicious for a common. It's something that would make people want to build decks around this.
    I don't get the flavor(- Why it can't attack without an artifact?), but I like the mechanic because you can do surprise attack.

    *Swoop In
    That's a new wording of Strive. I don't know if it works or not.
    If I understand the card correctly, this wording can do almost the same thing.
    Until end of turn, creatures with flying you control gain "{t}: Tap target creature. If this creature has greater power than that creature, destroy that creature instead."
    I think 2 mana is slightly too cheap, and it should have green or red in its mana cost. Usually white doesn't kill small creatures.

    Wording suggestion:
    {b}: Put a -1/-1 counter on each blocking creature. Activate this ability only if Nejunga is attacking and only once each turn.

    Nice one! Faved. Only one minor thing; It doesn't need to say "target". Just "put a card named Groffsilzor from ..."

    I've never player snow mechanic, so I don't know how good this can be. But it doesn't seem op to me.

    They are all interesting. Keep up the great work!
  • @Tomigon I am going to copy and save these wonderful suggestions to a word doc so that when I get premium in the future I can edit these cards. I'd expect you to fave all of them if I make the right changes... Thanks for the advice.
  • @jpastor
    Nice. I also use word doc to save my card ideas.
    You're welcome!
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  • Looking for feedback on wording & balance of "Demonic Acquisition":

  • @Medoway, my first thought is that I would center the text. I am unsure of how to word that in a less clunky fashion. As far as balancing goes, in my limited knowledge of balancing, it seems fair?
  • @Medoway For wording, how about this:

    As an additional cost to cast Demonic Acquisition, pay twice X life, where X is the converted mana cost of target nonland permanent. Gain control of that permanent.

    Is that better?
  • @DoctorFro The wording is a little off. Try;
    Search your library for an Equipment card or enchantment card and exile it. Shuffle your library, then put the exiled card on top of it or draw two cards.

    I would make that card 1WU sorcery. Equipment/enchantment tutor is white. And "draw two cards" is Divination(2U sorcery).
  • Yea it supposed to be that ...thx
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    @DoctorFro: I agree with @DeepSky that the card is better as U/W rather than black.

    I'm also looking for feedback on this halloween themed card for a halloween fake card contest between my friends. Thoughts?


    Mechanically, the idea of this card is a zombie based reanimation card that will let you snatch powerful creatures from your opponents if you play it at the right time. The cost reduction rewards you for playing zombies, potentially letting you reanimate 2 powerful creatures for a measly 2 black mana. What's even better is the fact that you can reuse it for {b}{b} and sacrificing 3 creatures (thus giving you more fodder to reanimate when u cast it again). Not to mention the value to be gained in ETB triggers.

    More thematically, this is supposed to be representative of samhain, the precursor to halloween. It was essentially a celebration of the harvest and the dead and the divide between our world and that of the dead was to be the thinnest. So thin, that the right preparation would open it allowing one to recall those already dead. But, such a ritual always has a price: a sacrifice. At least, that's my interpretation of it. Also, zombies are a halloween staple so I thought it made a lot of sense to use that instead of say spirits or something. Please let me know what u guys think though.
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  • Has anyone been catching up with the lore?
  • He is the son of Jarad and a selesnyan character
  • He is in both guilds so I tried my best to mix both abilities
  • there has only been 1 release of lore right?
  • @KanekiDemon, the reminder text for Populate should go behind the ability. Also, the cost of the ability should be after Undergrowth. Might also want to reword the last ability as "Whenever a nontoken creature dies," because you can activate sac outlets an infinite number of times.

  • @KanekiDemon, I can't even imagine the political repercussions and media coverage of a scandal such as his parentage.
  • @Ranshi922 yeah sure, be sure to read his lore! It's pretty interesting
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    @ningyounk @domrikade
    Does this mechanic work?
    Piracy (Each untapped land you don't control you tap while casting this spell pays for {1}.)
  • @Tomigon
    It seems functional to me, but not fun to play against. If we use Delve as an example (CR 702.65), it would technically read:
    For each generic mana in this spell's total cost, you may tap an untapped land you don't control rather than pay that mana.
    so your reminder text is fine.

    I'm more worried about this in terms of a play pattern. Your opponent doesn't have any chance to keep you from using as many of their lands as possible whenever you cast a spell with this ability. This would lead to some strange moments where the right play is going to be to tap out on your own turn with nothing to play so that your opponent can't use your mana to their advantage. Additionally, this may prove to be difficult to cost correctly. During the early turns for example, if you forget to 'tap out' on turn two, your opponent can steal your mana and drop a 5-drop on turn three (or anything else like this). I don't want to be too critical initially, but I'm curious to see how you would combat these things.
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