Eldrazi/Avenger Contest

Hey everyone this is an eldrazi/Avenger contest, we will be making eldrazi cards! by the way avenger is some one like Gideon or Jace, contest ends January 22 (The release day of Oath of the Gate Watch).

: No more than 5 cards, yes 5 is a lot.
: Cards may be planeswalkers even eldrazi.


: No bonus points for waste mana (Can still be waste mana)
:Bonus if you make tokens for the cards :).


:Tokens do not count in the five.


:Please make at least one planeswlaker, but you don't have to, (no bonus for planeswalkers)
:Please make at least one goblin card, i love goblins!

Good Luck! Tell me if i missed something.



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