Common Card Challenge

Fair warning: I don't have a reward for you guys this time. Except maybe the card you make. :P

Every so often, Wizards releases that unfortunate common (coughTreasure Cruisecough) that gets banned, i.e. Preordain or whatever. The challenge here, is to make a common rarity card that borders on overpowered (coughTreasure Cruisecough), except won't be banned in the Modern format. The link above might not be a good example, but in some crazy Legacy deck someone will brew in the future will find a way to Coalition Victory with it (thanks to Brandon Smith). :I

Start crackin', people, and feel free to help/comment on each others' cards.

The deadline is my birthday, the dreaded 13th of April. (Free fact: I was born on a full moon and a Friday. :I )


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