Ongoing Song Challenge!



  • Yes! This thread will never die. It's the Gravecrawler of cardsmith threads. Maybe I'll get around to making an entry this time.
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    Nice to see this thread getting going again. :)
  • It grinds to a halt when nobody's interested in the song choices offered. We all just wait until someone else makes one, then check the new list.
  • I just tend to get annoyed by the meme videos. But I admit variety is a good thing.
  • @Biblio4 - I like the challenge of trying to find at least one inspiration within the song choices. Sometimes it's an uphill climb!
  • Song: Like a Stone

    Hopefully the art is not too risqué for cardsmith, although I thought it would be fine since it's, you know, a statue.

    New Songs:
    Canadian Idiot- Weird Al Yankovic

    The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)- Ylvis

    You're Welcome- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    The Star Wars That I Used To Know- Teddiefilms

    Good Luck!
  • No problem as it just looks like the artifact clone cycle, particularly Clone Shell.
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    Trying to think of something for the song Canadian Idiot, but I'm having issues finding something distinct in regards to artwork. Something that fits the MTG art theme.

    I'll admit, I like the song choice! XD
  • I dunno, I'm kinda partial to that Rock song!
  • Currently listening to "Weird Al" Yankovic - Party In The CIA

    The Canadian Idiot song is just one of the better meme/joke songs uploaded that's all.
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    hey guys sorry about not posting computer crashed and had to get it fixed s o here is the challenge

    now here are my songs
    jenix catch fire
    Famous Last Words - The Show Must Go On
    Black Veil Brides - In The End
  • My response to The Show Must Go On:

    Song: I Am The Walrus, by the Beatles
  • I know that this song could be interpreted much sillier on a card, but I tried to take it as seriously as possible.

    Sonata Arctica – Flag in the Ground
    Ween – Ocean Man
    Nightwish – The Islander
    Yes – Roundabout (actually a good song with excellent lyrics)
  • I chose Sonata Arctica – Flag in the Ground

    my songs
    1 Salvaged by NateWantsToBattle
    2 Five Nights At Freddy's 2 Rap by JT Machinima "Five More Nights"
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