Revenge Challenge

Okay, so this is not actually a vengeful challenge, despite that name. No, this is a challenge ABOUT revenge. The challenge, in essence, is to make a card that punishes people for punishing you. This works best on permanents, but instants and sorceries work well, too.

Bonus Points For...
A name that's a reflexive idiom. (Eye for an eye, burn for burn, blow for blow, fire with fire, etc.)
A flavor text that's "Revenge is a dish best served _____." Other flavor texts also appreciated.
Pretty art. Pretty straightforward.

Okay, so I thought of prizes this time. If you choose to participate, please put three words in your submission, and I'll make a card that uses the first in the name, the second in the typeline, and the third in the flavor text. Please keep it family-friendly, actual words, and please make the second one a noun.

Best of luck, and thank you!


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