FAQ's and Common Suggestions

Here are some of the most common questions and suggestions...

This is an ongoing post that I will be adding to as I have the free time. If I don't have an answer to something yet, be patient.


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    How do I edit my cards?
    (Also... "I made a mistake but if I fix it ALL my favorites will go away!)

    For Premium Members the answer is simple - You Can! - In the oracle Text box on the right side of your card, you will find a pencil icon. Click that, and you will be magically transported to the Load Image page. Simply reload the image and you will be transported to the Edit Card page, with all of your information filled in. Now all you need to do is make the proper correction(s) and republish the card.
    The card will remain in your library, along with all the favorites still attached to it!
    (please note that cards made prior to July 1st, 2016 will most likely not be edit compatible.)

    For non-premium users the answer is also simple. This feature is exclusively for Premium Members. If you want to become a premium member, there are a couple of ways to do it.

    If, for whatever reason, you cannot become a Premium Member, the only way to edit your card is to completely remake it. My suggestion is to use the old card as a reference to make the new card, including Copy/Pasting the Oracle text from the right of the card, so you don't have to retype the entire thing.
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    Where do I find Art?
    (Also... "How do I make my cards better?")

    There are quite a few TUTORIALS that have been made to help you in your time of need!

    Tutorials - http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/categories/tutorials

    Selecting Artwork by Corwinnn
    - http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/441/tutorial-selecting-artwork#latest
    Modern Frame - Ins and Outs by seaspray4TF3
    Cardsmithing M15 by Corwinnn
    Making a Custom Set by Noobplayzgames
    -Part 1 - http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/556/tutorial-making-a-custom-set-part-1-getting-started-world-building
    -Part 2 - http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/557/tutorial-making-a-custom-set-part-2-character-development-the-adventure
    -Part 3 - http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/558/tutorial-making-a-custom-set-part-3-mechanics-the-count-commons-uncommons#latest
    -Part 4 - http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/572/tutorial-making-a-custom-set-part-4-rares-mythics-and-cycles#latest
    Card Balancing by strongbelieves

    Want to add Card Images to your posts?
    also... How do I add cards to my comments?

    Forum Post Coding by pyrak
    Brief Guide to Uploading by modnation675
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    How do I start a Contest/Challenge?

    Anyone can start a contest or a challenge just by clicking the "New Discussion" button, but there are a few things you might want to take into consideration before you do.

    What is the difference between a Contest and a Challenge?
    This is always open for debate, but I think the commonly agreed upon definitions are that a Contest is based on competition and a Challenge is based on achievement. With that being said, you can call yours whatever you like.

    What is the difference between a regular challenge and one that is just for fun?
    Challenges are considered "Just for fun" based on the following... Is it complex? If the Challenge is simple in nature, it might be just for fun. Does it have prizes? If it doesn't have prizes, or it "might" get prizes, it's definitely just for fun.

    What are acceptable prizes?
    Custom made cards, Trophies and favorites are the customary prizes, just try not to go overboard on the favorites. Cardsmiths work very hard to get favorites on their cards so they can earn a spot on the favored list, and if you give out too many in a challenge, then they lose a lot of what makes them special. MTGCardsmith has also given us some guidelines to follow. Read about it here...

    How do I make a Trophy?
    There are two ways. You can make a trophy on your own account, or you can use the -TROPHY- account. If you're a new Cardsmith we can make one for you, and if you're an established Cardsmith we can grant you access so you can make the Trophy yourself!

    How long should my challenge last?
    Because people can't always get on as much as we might like, it's good to give a challenge at least a week to garner interest.

    My challenge is over, how do I close it?
    Just type "This discussion is closed" and one of the Mods/Admins will close it for you when they see it.

    Other Contest Notes

    1. Try not to start a challenge if you can't complete it. Running over a day or two, or extending for a week or so is perfectly fine, but you need to keep in mind that people put a lot of effort into making cards and when a Challenge gets abandoned it leaves people wondering why they went to so much effort for nothing.

    2. Try to make it interesting, and not the same challenge that someone else just did. When we have the same challenge over and over, or a contest with very little effort put into it, Cardsmiths start to lose interest and stop entering. This makes it frustrating for everyone involved.
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    Are You Ever Going To Make/Add This?
    (Also... I have a suggestion.)

    If you're curious about what the MTG Cardsmith team is working on or if you have a suggestion for them... Check out this link!

    Recent Additions/Improvements

    1. Added New Set Symbols
    2. Editing for Premium members
    3. Added Energy, Untap and Snow Symbols
    4. Added Vehicle Templating
    5. Added Watermarks
    6. Added Colored Artifact Borders
    7. Legendary Planeswalkers
    8. Colored Artifact Borders
    9. Legendary Card Borders
    10. Colorless Card Borders
    11. Artifact Land Type
    12. **NEW** Gamblers Dice Premium Avatar
    13. **NEW** Two Custom Set Symbols designed by Cardsmith's Ningyounk and Dechujoh64

    Recent Requests
    Favorites Totals
    Insert Symbols on PW's
    Insert Symbols on Tokens
    Devoid Frames
    Wedge/Shard Watermarks
    Edit Planeswalkers
    *ADDED* - Legendary Frames
    Flip Cards
    Flavor Line
    4 Ability PWs
    Saga Frames
    *ADDED* - Snow type
    Dual Color PWs
    Leveler Frames
    Editing Private Messages
    *ADDED* - Bullets, Dashes and Lines!
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    What Comes With Premium Membership?
    (Also... Why do you keep asking me for money?)

    MTGCardsmith has grown from a place where you could go to make a card out of an idea you had, into a full blown community. The price of building and maintaining all of this has gone up, and because we're a demanding lot, MTGCardsmith has given us a way to speed things up. This brings improvements to everyone, and special features for those who have the means to donate.

    Premium Membership starts at just $5 a month

    Premium Membership


    -Edit Cards after publishing
    -2000 card capacity
    -Add ANY card to your custom sets
    -Premium avatars and set symbols
    -Immunity from monthly card purges
    -Reduced on-site advertising
    -Early-access to new features

    Gift Premium Membership
    You can also send Premium features to a fellow cardsmith or contest winner!


    Need to use PayPal or spend those Bitcoins?
  • How Do I Change The Name On My Account?

    This question comes up more often than you might think. The long and short of it is, unless you have a largely unfortunate user name, it's most likely going to remain what it is. Some consideration might be given to Premium Account members, but the reality is, you would be better off creating an entirely new account.
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    How do I delete a Custom Card Set?
    Answer provided by @modnation675

    1) Click on your username from the homepage. [Image]
    2) Click "Sets" tab. [Image]
    3) Click on the specific set. [Image]
    4) Click on the "Edit" label beside the set description. [Image]
    5) Then lastly, click "Delete Set". [Image]

    Alternate Method:
    1) Click "Profile" from the homepage. [Image]
    2) Click on the specific set. [Image]
    3) Click "Edit Set". [Image]
    4) Continue from step number 4 of last method.
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    How do I print custom tokens?
    (Also... "I want to play with my cards, but I don't know how!!)

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    Does WotC ever use card ideas from MTGCardsmith?
    (Also... "When will MaRo be calling me with a job offer?!!)

    Employees at Wizards of the Coast are not allowed to look at unsolicited cards, so as a result no one from WotC will be knocking on our door to pilfer our best Cardsmiths.
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    Hi @mtgcardsmith,

    Why exactly are physical prizes not given to non-US cardsmiths? I understand the difficulties, but physical prizes are a special thing that make people feel good about themselves and their smithing abilities and can be preserved for all posterity. I think it's a bit unfair that a talented cardsmith (not myself, obviously, but there are plenty) can't win a cool playmat simply because they are not American. Don't mean to sound bitter and salty. Just saying.

    If it is not possible to send physical boosters to a non-US contest winner, then is there at least some way to give them MTGO boosters, in case they are on MTGO? At least that would have some value. I apologise if I have offended anyone.
  • @KalamMekhar - I think the biggest hinderance is shipping costs, but there are a few other factors as well. It's one of the things we've been struggling against for a while.
  • @Corwinnn: in that case, I am fully willing to foot the cost of international shipping. Would it then be okay to mail prizes abroad? Or are there further complications? I shouldn't even be asking all these; it is rather ungracious of me. Sorry.
  • No worries, I've PM'd you so you can feel free to talk more about it there.
  • @KalamMekhar - you are correct, shipping physical packages outside of the US is often at least the same cost as the prize, or in some cases 2-5x the cost of the actual prize. It doesn't make sense for us to spend money that way, when we could be using that to fund other prizes and contests. Unfortunately it is the same case when it comes to playmats and international shipping.

    Please feel free to PM me as well if you have further questions. We are a small operation so I hope you can understand.
  • Hm... The ability, honestly, to link custom abilities to cards, meaning in my mind...

    A new tab on the create menu for custom abilities. Once made, I'm unsure where they'd go, however I know what to use them for. Similar to sets, in a way, you can 'link' your cards to the custom abilities. That way, when you can't fit its ruling on to a card (I hate when this happens, ideas are had but this prevents them) you can link it to the ability, and when someone wonders what it was there's a link to the ability on your cards page.


    Custom borders! Please, come on now. I've made a few pixel art card borders (I can send them to you if you'd like) and it would be amazing to be able to use them here.


    I can probably word this better, and sorry if it's ranty, but I'm typing this up a bit late. I'll explain better as need be.


    Also! Random thing but... though I've never done a big project, if I made a properly sized pixel art mtg cardmat, would I be able to send it to you guys somehow?
  • Also also, just thought of this today... If we've sent an email with ideas (from another post that allowed it), do you guys reply to those ever, or no?
  • I have an idea: Make the Legendary Option a checkmark, as opposed to a specific typing in the menu, same with Tribal.
  • @TemurGideon - Nice idea! We noticed that things are getting a wee bit crowded in there!
  • @Corwinnn

    I won't be here for a week starting tomorrow, or maybe today, but I've gotta ask. I made a small list of suggestions here, and I'm curious, have any of the things on it been thought about, or was it glossed over? I'm simply curious as I don't know if my ideas were seen or not, and it'd be nice to know.
  • @Shadow29870 - Everything is glossed over!


    I'm just kidding! The site, despite how it may look, isn't a money generating machine, so most of the work is done when time allows (code for we have day jobs). This means everything takes a lot longer to do. That being said, we've added a lot this year, and we're working on adding even more before the year ends. So keep sharing your ideas, and one day they may just show up!

  • @Corwinnn

    Ah, hehe. I can understand that trust me. I was just curious as a lack of reply freaks me out, as I don't know if my ideas were seen. And not just cause they're mine, but for the sake of the site, I do believe they're good ideas. It's annoying cause I can picture them mentally but... I don't low how to code so I couldn't make them if I wanted to .
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    Mm, heh. Well... I suppose we can only hope for the best that the lovely coders of this site can eventually get things in that should be in.
  • Im from germany, could i sign up for premium via paypal? :)
    I dont have a credit card...
  • Can you tell us of any additions coming for sure than of older set symbols if they dont get them all @Corwinnn? Im already stoked about the magic 2019 symbol possibly making it here. Will they do a battlebond one as well i wonder?
  • Whats the issues with the frames @Corwinnn?
  • I have no details on any additions at this point, and the frame issue involves coding stuff that I really don't know anything about!
    We're just gonna have to wait and see, but I think I can safely say that more stuff will show up before the end of the year, be it set symbols or something else. I just don't know what!
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