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FAQ's and Common Suggestions

Here are some of the most common questions and suggestions...

This is an ongoing post that I will be adding to as I have the free time. If I don't have an answer to something yet, be patient.


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    How do I edit my cards?
    (Also... "I made a mistake but if I fix it ALL my favorites will go away!)

    For Premium Members the answer is simple - You Can! - In the oracle Text box on the right side of your card, you will find a pencil icon. Click that, and you will be magically transported to the Load Image page. Simply reload the image and you will be transported to the Edit Card page, with all of your information filled in. Now all you need to do is make the proper correction(s) and republish the card.
    The card will remain in your library, along with all the favorites still attached to it!
    (please note that cards made prior to July 1st, 2016 will most likely not be edit compatible.)

    For non-premium users the answer is also simple. This feature is exclusively for Premium Members. If you want to become a premium member, there are a couple of ways to do it.

    If, for whatever reason, you cannot become a Premium Member, the only way to edit your card is to completely remake it. My suggestion is to use the old card as a reference to make the new card, including Copy/Pasting the Oracle text from the right of the card, so you don't have to retype the entire thing.
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    Where do I find Art?
    (Also... "How do I make my cards better?")

    There are quite a few TUTORIALS that have been made to help you in your time of need!

    Tutorials -

    Selecting Artwork by Corwinnn
    Modern Frame - Ins and Outs by seaspray4TF3
    Cardsmithing M15 by Corwinnn
    Making a Custom Set by Noobplayzgames
    -Part 1 -
    -Part 2 -
    -Part 3 -
    -Part 4 -
    Card Balancing by strongbelieves

    Want to add Card Images to your posts?

    Forum Post Coding by pyrak
    Brief Guide to Uploading by modnation675
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    How do I start a Contest/Challenge?

    Anyone can start a contest or a challenge just by clicking the "New Discussion" button, but there are a few things you might want to take into consideration before you do.

    What is the difference between a Contest and a Challenge?
    This is always open for debate, but I think the commonly agreed upon definitions are that a Contest is based on competition and a Challenge is based on achievement. With that being said, you can call yours whatever you like.

    What is the difference between a regular challenge and one that is just for fun?
    Challenges are considered "Just for fun" based on the following... Is it complex? If the Challenge is simple in nature, it might be just for fun. Does it have prizes? If it doesn't have prizes, or it "might" get prizes, it's definitely just for fun.

    What are acceptable prizes?
    Custom made cards, Trophies and favorites are the customary prizes, just try not to go overboard on the favorites. Cardsmiths work very hard to get favorites on their cards so they can earn a spot on the favored list, and if you give out too many in a challenge, then they lose a lot of what makes them special. MTGCardsmith has also given us some guidelines to follow. Read about it here...

    How do I make a Trophy?
    There are two ways. You can make a trophy on your own account, or you can use the -TROPHY- account. If you're a new Cardsmith we can make one for you, and if you're an established Cardsmith we can grant you access so you can make the Trophy yourself!

    How long should my challenge last?
    Because people can't always get on as much as we might like, it's good to give a challenge at least a week to garner interest.

    My challenge is over, how do I close it?
    Just type "This discussion is closed" and one of the Mods/Admins will close it for you when they see it.

    Other Contest Notes

    1. Try not to start a challenge if you can't complete it. Running over a day or two, or extending for a week or so is perfectly fine, but you need to keep in mind that people put a lot of effort into making cards and when a Challenge gets abandoned it leaves people wondering why they went to so much effort for nothing.

    2. Try to make it interesting, and not the same challenge that someone else just did. When we have the same challenge over and over, or a contest with very little effort put into it, Cardsmiths start to lose interest and stop entering. This makes it frustrating for everyone involved.
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    Are You Ever Going To Make/Add This?
    (Also... I have a suggestion.)

    If you're curious about what the MTG Cardsmith team is working on or if you have a suggestion for them... Check out this link!

    Recent Additions/Improvements

    1. Added Gold Split Border Card Frames For All Users
    2. Added Hybrid Border Card Frames For All Users
    3. Added A New Avatar For Premium Users
    4. Added Tribal Supertypes
    5. Decreased Time When Adding Cards To Sets
    6. Added Vault Store -
    7. Added Waste Symbol
    8. Added New Set Symbols
    9. Editing for Premium members
    10. Added Energy, Untap and Snow Symbols
    11. Increased Set Symbols To 26 (Premium Set Symbols an Additional 6)
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    What Comes With Premium Membership?
    (Also... Why do you keep asking me for money?)

    MTGCardsmith has grown from a place where you could go to make a card out of an idea you had, into a full blown community. The price of building and maintaining all of this has gone up, and because we're a demanding lot, MTGCardsmith has given us a way to speed things up. This brings improvements to everyone, and special features for those who have the means to donate.

    Premium Membership starts at just $5 a month

    Premium Membership

    -Edit Cards after publishing
    -2000 card capacity
    -Add ANY card to your custom sets
    -Premium avatars and set symbols
    -Immunity from monthly card purges
    -Reduced on-site advertising
    -Early-access to new features

    Gift Premium Membership
    You can also send Premium features to a fellow cardsmith or contest winner!
  • How Do I Change The Name On My Account?

    This question comes up more often than you might think. The long and short of it is, unless you have a largely unfortunate user name, it's most likely going to remain what it is. Some consideration might be given to Premium Account members, but the reality is, you would be better off creating an entirely new account.
  • Updates to this page coming soon!
  • edited January 25
    Adding the easy-view favourites and comment count count has been very helpful @Corwinnn.
  • I recommend we make the card searching features function as intended.

    [ e.g. I put "Type" Instant/Sorcery and it always gives no results. ]
  • I would really like colored artifact borders.
  • The card type should be a text box, not a drop-down. The Drop-down menu is too limiting. Also, the option for a P/T box on noncreature cards would help a lot.
    Another suggestion, but card Border and card Color should also be seperate. This allows for colored artifacts, and vehicle/miracle borders.
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    I'm attempting to design some mechanics similar in formatting to choose one abilities. As such, I'm wondering if it would be possible to add some characters into the card editor! (M15 Editor.) If not, may they be added as a feature?

    Here below are the desired characters!

    Circular Bullet Point: •
    Horizontal ellipsis: …
    Em dash: —

    Edit: Do to the font that the MTGCardSmith editor uses, such special characters aren't supported!
  • @modnation675 The problem is that the site uses the Beleren font (the font actual Magic cards use) but the font doesn't include most special characters beyond what your keyboard can make, including the characters you listed.
  • edited February 22
    No problem, I was told about that issue later by Corwinnn. I just hadn't updated the post, which I will be doing now as I'm reminded!

    Thank you for the reply though! :)
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    since i couldnt find a better spot to put it:

    With the new card maker for m15 i always get shown: "invalid file type, expects...".
    I tried converting the pictures and making them higher resolution but nothing helped, any solutions or redirection to the correct place to ask about such things would be appreciated.

    EDIT: Found a solution: didnt know you can click an the "drop-area". If I do that and then change to all formats i can go for it. Tried it with severall graphics, it works like a charm and the new interface is glorious!
  • edited March 2
    Where did you get the file? If I know, I could check what's the issue and/or convert it.

    I apologize for being late to comment as I was at the gym and so on.
  • @Cruben - Have you tried restarting your computer?
  • how do i put cards in comments
  • @pkfdre
    Here is a link to a quick guide on the topic.
    Quick Guide

    If you have any specific questions or are confused, just send a message!
  • @modnation675
    ahh its html code i see ok dont know why i didnt try that..
  • @pkfdre
    No problem, I had the same response when I started. I wanted to have a more clear and quick guide for those new to the forums, that way they wouldn't have to scour!
  • @pkfdre - We're currently working on a 37 minute instructional video on the in's and out's of making/posting/editing/typing/reading/organizing and spelling for all aspiring Cardsmiths... hopefully it'll be back from the editor by Christmas.

  • @Corwinnn
    Cool thing to hear! :)
  • It's going to be EPIC!!!!
    Disclaimer - There is no video!
  • But there certainly could be!
  • @Corwinnn
    Lol. I'd like to see someone watch the whole video though! XD
  • LoL... I'd like to draw on them when they fall asleep 32 Minutes in!
  • So, with the super spiffy update to the main card editor, I'm curious if the planeswalker editor will get a similar update anytime soon?
  • That is the plan, yes.

    But these things take (lots of) development time.

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