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  • I would like to request mana/tap symbol functionality in planeswalker text boxes
  • Okay thank you :)
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    GUYS! I NEED AN ANSWER ASAP! I know that at the moment, there are no templates for fuse spells, like that from ravnica, but I need to know ASAP, how would you recommend that I try to portray it as such?
  • @mtgcardsmith, will you share what new additional features you guys are currently working on for the site since there has been quite a few requests for things? What should we be on the lookout for? *cough*all the missing set symbols*cough* ahem sorry just clearing my throat there. Lol
  • I have created a number of custom cards for a proxy casual squirrel commander deck. I used magicseteditor to make many of them. Can I upload them to my account here or do I need to recreate them individually on this site?
  • @jamievb1970 - You'll have to recreate them here.
  • Sagas, where they at.
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    Cough Cardsmith mobile app as well as maybe some page reworks Cough

    ((Wouldn't mind giving ideas as to how it'd look and all ))
  • Mobile app is not in the cards, sorry friends its not going to happen for many reasons.

    But we are always working on improving the mobile browser experience!
  • Oh wow, jeezums that's expensive. Uh... uderatandbale, heh. You guys keep doing you.

    On another note... In the tab for creating things, you should make a fourth option, 'Ability'. You create an ability and name it, and whenever you use it on a card, in the card description there''s a clickable link that leads you to a page where you will have typed up the ability. Just seems it'd make using custom abilities easier and not take up as much card space.
  • Is there a way to put cmc {12} or {10}?
    I just can find 0-9 :/
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    Type {12} in the Cost Bar
    (I think 12 is the highest we can currently make)
  • @mtgcardsmith @Corwinnn
    I kinda want to try to make a mobile app one of these days. If I end up doing so, I'll experiment with designing features of a mtgcardsmith site on app. So wish us good luck!

    That'll probably be the most interesting way to practice. Especially if i can get it to work at an acceptable level, since then I can make an interesting app for once.

    Most of the time our school projects aren't that helpful at giving more elaborate examples. At least until the later courses that is.
  • Ohohoh! Descriptions! I've noticed people use the comment area on cards to say why they made it or who for. It's small but, maybe a section to describe that, to describe why we made the car and maybe tag people we made it for.
  • Oh, and @modnation675 , if you ever need ideas for where to put things or what to put on a mobile app... I've thought about that before. So, I could attempt helping, if you have a discord or something to make chatting easier. :3
  • We also just need a general reworking of the planeswalker thing. So that we can have the colored lines on two colors and so that we can play with the effects a bit more.
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    If I start on it, I'll post on these forums about it. (Might not if I'm lazy! XD)
  • Alrighty @modnation675 , hehe. I'll keep an eye and ear out for it.
  • @Shadow29870, thats a good one I overlooked. Also selecting two things like if its an unhinged with original art.
  • Snow permanents?
  • Any plans for lands with colors? You know, like lands have had... forever?
  • Wait... lands have colors?
    Which one of you forgot to tell me?
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    More set symbols please! I'm still sad that the entire freaking block of Morningtide eventide lorwyn and shadowmoor is not present. If they was here... man the hybrids would be done some much needed justice. For that matter, how about avacyn restored, dark ascension, gatecrash, dragons maze? Darksteel? Any of the Urzas? Coldsnap or Ice Age?

    Lastly, more color options then just gold for legendary multicolored borders. (Pretty please?) Theres more than just the mono and the gold legendary borders. I know its asking a lot but if you can add that down the road itd be great. (A way to make or edit planeswalkers via mobile some day when its affordable would be cool too!)

    Also the rules text sometimes has issues in editing when moving words around.

    Thanks for your time @Corwinnn and or anyone else who this topic concerns.

    Oh yes I do have 1 final request: can the old-school avatars that used to be available to cardsmiths be made available again to us? Or was they earned? Like the bats with greenish background or the arm raised from the grave with greenish background? Is there a chance we could get a shot at those again? Like a retro contest or something? I think thatd be pretty cool.
  • @Corwinnn
    Ya, no. Lands are colorless (but basic borders are sorta colorful).
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Oh... I knew that... I thought I had missed something!
  • Im not sure if its real, but it looked like several announcement pages arent there anymore. I am confused.
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