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    sorry I shouted. I do think that's weird though.
  • oops. they've been added. (please don't shout.)
  • You guys talk about ideas for all these new features. What would be the best way to find out when a new feature is added?
  • I have noticed that the silver border cards all have a grey p/t box.
    image image
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    Please add a Snow version of all types (Creature, enchantment, artifact, instant/sorcery, land, all legendaries, etc.)

    At least in time for Christmas in July?
  • Question. What are trophies?
    I have a competition set going on and it sounds like a fun prize.
  • @CrafterofTruths
    Trophies are either cards you make as a trophy and present to the winners, and we also have an account that we use called "Trophy" that we make trophy cards and present them to the winners
  • Legendary Artifact Land would be nice
    Less important but also nice as an option would be an artifact land creature.
    Also eagerly hoping for a revamp of the planeswalker creator ever since WAR came out.
  • When will Mtgcardsmith support unusual symbols? The two most important to me are –, —, and •. Just having the ability to render these symbols would make the smith system leagues better.
  • Snow stuff for reals now. Including mana. Yay!
  • And snow card typings
  • @Corwinnn & @mtgcardsmith
    Is it difficult to add types to the pull down menu?
  • @Corwinnn, @mtgcardsmith, @Faiths_Guide
    A good solution would be to have an "other" option where you can simply type in whatever type you want, even if it has never appeared on a Magic card before. Additionally, this would provide support for people with other games using the Magic template to make cards (I've done that before).
    We have deleted many of the Enchant {island} land specific options, as well as the Tribal {etc} card types. We needed to make room for the all new "Custom" Type option, when selected will offer you a free text field for whatever custom type you have in mind.

    Perfect for aspiring snow pioneers or our awesome educators using the system for custom realms.

    One obvious caveat: the text you enter must still follow the rules of the site: profanity, hate speech or anything explicit will be removed without warning.

  • A blessing! Praise the sun \o/
  • @Ranshi922 - We must control our urge to correct ALL the spelling!
  • @mtgcardsmith : Can I suggest something (nothing critical, just an add-on)? Can you create a custom watermark? Though I don't have premium, (and this would probably be a premium thing) I would like to see enjoyment in all the ones who do.
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    I have noticed that when I make cards with text along the lines of "This card costs X less to cast for each [condition]," the mana symbol I put in for X is always shifted to a new line even when there is ample space. For example:
    How would I prevent this break in the text from occurring?

    Oh, the problem also occurs at other places in the card text. For example, the last line of the following card contains a mana symbol that is shifted to a new line despite the presence of sufficient space on the line with the text "Sacrifice Unexpected Growth: Add":
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  • I mean, I never thought that my suggestion would actually be incorporated on Cardsmith. Thanks so much, I'm honored.

    Now let me go make some cards with custom types. Be back eventually.
  • @Corwinnn @mtgcardsmith I am unable to make planeswalkers, wherever I upload the art and try to crop it, the image is dragged with the cursor. I've tried making planeswlakers on other computers and browsers, but it isn't working. Is this happening for others as well?
  • Typically just cell phones have had issues, so this seems recent
  • I've been thinking of... mtgcardsmith watermarks. For cards such as these:

    image image
  • @mtgcardsmith I'm not sure if anyone else (other than @shadow123) is having this problem or if it's just us but I can't make planeswalkers. I can upload the artwork but it won't let me crop the image to how I want and it won't let me move past the screen where you upload/crop the artwork.

    Edit: I can do everything else, I just can't make planeswalkers.
  • @mtgcardsmith Maybe add Unstable set symbol, Clear borders, and/or Custom URL Watermarks
  • any chance of tap and mana symbols on planeswalkers?
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