Fairy Tale World Contest

Hello everyone =D

This is my first contest ever, so don't worry it won't be anything complicated. Most of you have already heard of the mighty "Short List" of Mark Rosewater, but I'm going to explain for those who don't. It's a list of the block themes that have been the most frequently asked by players. For instance, after the Theros block - which was based on Greek and Roman mythology - there was a lot of requests for something similar with Egyptian mythology. You can find an old version of the shortlist here: http://markrosewater.tumblr.com/faq

This challenge is exploratory design for one of the theme in the short list: Fairy Tale World \o/ This include fairies of course, but also giants, princesses, witches, dreams, castles, forests infested with bad wolves, etc... You may design any card that will show the potential behind this theme. It can depict how you see the Fairy Tale set as a whole by proposing keywords, or tribes, etc... Or it can be your version of some very well-known tale, in a more card-by-card approach.

Here are the specific rules:
- Cards must fit flavourfully into a Fairy Tale set
- Cards must be realistic in black border, have proper templating and be balanced
- Cards that depict an existing tale must not directly reference the tale, do the Magic version of this tale instead (for instance, you must not make a card called "Cinderella" but you can make "Midnight Princess", just like "Heliod" was Magic's take on Zeus in Theros)
- Cards created for other challenges are accepted
- No more than 5 entries per smiths (that allows you to make a full horizontal cycle if you wish)
- Deadline in 3 weeks : 23th April

I will judge how exciting, original, and elegant the idea behind each card can be ^^

The prizes are:
- First place : 5 favourites on whatever cards you want me to favourite
- Second place : 3 favourites on whatever cards you want me to favourite
- Third place : 1 favourite on whatever card you want me to favourite
- [EDIT 16/04] Also, every card in the top 10 will get a favourite on this card

Good luck ! (I hope I didn't forget anything important, if I did tell me in the comments XD)


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