AtheraCollaborationSet - Deck Challenge

A while back the AtheraCollaborationSet began, and along the way many Cardsmiths added cards until the set was eventually completed. That was the first challenge!

Now we bring you a NEW challenge... AtheraCollaborationDecks!

We want you, members of the MTGCardsmith community, to make decks using the cards in the AtheraCollaborationSet!

What we're looking for...
There are six clans... so we're looking for at least 1 deck for each of them, made up exclusively of AtheraCollaborationSet cards. The BEASTS have been made! We only need 5 more!

Here are the Clan cards...
Adventurers -
Cityfolk -
Faeries -
Fiends -
Mechanicals -

And here are the other cards you can mix and match...
Mythic Rares -
Rares -
Uncommons -
Commons -
Tokens and Flips-
Lands -

These decks are not just for fun, but they tie in to the next challenge!

You can make as many decks as you like... One deck has already been made by our own @cadstar369

Atheran Beasts

30~34 Creatures:
3 Bloodspark Shaman
4 Cobble Troll
4 Faerie Beastwalker
0~2 Farland Ranger
2 Giamed, Darkwood Druid
2~4 Lifeweaver Shaman
2 Pouncing Sabretooth
2 Shaman of Growth
2 Thicket Goliath
4 Thunderhoof Mastodon
3 Beastcaller Shaman
2 Undergrowth Monitor

4~8 Spells:
0~2 Curse of Humiliation
0~2 Immolate
4 Manamorphose

22 Lands:
1 Tin Shrine
3 Untamable Wilderness
8 Mountain
10 Forest

This challenge will end on or around June1st!



  • Haha! Sweet!
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    Here is a list of the known contributors (I feel like there are more, but this is the list I compiled)
    The set originators and main contributors
    Austin Smith, Beeswax, Corwinnn, fellwynd, Gafratt01, Jules Barivan and Lamo Fgasfdgasd.
    The Challenge Contributors
    AgentZigZag43, benw, Blite, BoilingWater, cadstar369, DevilTheKing, dnaidu, DomriKade, fraziel07, Gandalf9010, Gravitybound, HIM, ImBadAtBalancing, JaceNalaar, JBYT_LoadedTommy, michaelmvm, milanaarz, MinerBrine, Mobin, MrRansom, MystiKnight, Oduda, Odysseus, RedRageMage, RedTower, RudMed, SirWarriorLegend, SubstituteHero, Teacup, Tomigon, Tutlaschk, VeteranProwler, Xenthori

    As you can see, a lot of people helped make this set. Anyone who compiles a deck will become a part of this legacy!
  • @Corwinnn Couldn't I just go to the set, instead of looking at each separate card rarity and type?
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    @Corwinnn My computer's laggy, so I can't see all of the cards. However, can I call dibs on Red Green Ramp, maybe beasts or adventurers? OOH! OR NAYA!

    After looking more at the set, I take that back. Im playing GR manaweb. Because why not.
  • @Corwinnn Question. Can you only activate Shaman of Growth during an Upkeep? Or is it supposed to say once per TURN?
  • Beasts are Red/Green
  • Only during an upkeep
  • I'll see what I can do on a fiend themed deck.
  • @Corwinnn Im officially doing manaweb.
  • Fantastic!
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    What does Anu, Summer's Guardian transform into? nevermind.

    Do we have to stay in one clan, or can we mix as desired?
  • Ideally, you should stay within the two color combo... since you only have the Athera cards to work with, mixing and matching is perfectly acceptable!
  • So if (hypothetically) I found a few "broken" interactions between cards when mixed between their respective Clans I could exploit those interactions?
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    I'm pretty sure that's not how winning decks are built.... oh, wait... nope, nevermind, I was thinking about something else.
    that's a "yes" in case you were wondering.
  • Cool, muahahahaa!
  • @Corwinnn How should I show the deck I built?
    Its confusing when I type it out into these comment box thingies.
  • @Corwinnn , is there a reason a surprising amount of the fiend cards are 404s?
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    @Lujikul... I'll go look...
    I didn't get any 404's... where are you getting them?
  • @Mysterious_Gangsta
    Can you do it like the example above?
  • @Corwinn you mean like the decklist?

    1x Storm Crow
    59x Island

    Like that?
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    @Corwinn Made it!

    3x Manacurved Flame
    2x Manamorphose
    3x Giamed’s Command

    2x Exploration
    2x Sadistic Fever

    2x Giamed, Darkwood Druid
    2x World Eater Ooze
    3x Thunderhoof Mastodon
    3x Thousand-Spined Manticore
    3x Multiplying Ooze
    4x Self-Welding Soldier
    2x Cumu, Nature’s Squire
    3x Beastcaller Shaman
    2x Shaman of Nature’s Grace
    3x Firekin Druid

    2x Athera Outlands
    3x Tin Shrine
    1x Druaga Challenge Pit
    10x Forest
    6x Mountain

    Sideboard ideas:
    2x Heat Shatter
    3x Wing Cutter
  • @corwinnn It may be because I was using the links in the comment on the first thing that ha the list of links.
  • @Mysterious_Gangsta - Awesome!
    @Lujikul - Good to know... some cards had been remade, so really old links are potentially dead.
  • We have 2 decks for the Beasts, but we still need the other clans! Once we have at least one deck for each clan, we can move on to the really exciting part!
    What we need...
    Adventurers - Green and White
    Cityflok - White and Blue
    Faeries - Blue and Black
    Fiends - Black and Red
    Mechanicals - Colorless
  • I'll try Cityfolk (I think). I'll try to make it soon.
  • @Corwinnn could I make another deck? For like Mechanicals or something?
    I have already made my official submission, but if you need 1 of each...
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