The next block: Kaladesh? (With evidence!)

Scroll down far enough in the Eldritch Moon spoiler ( and you will see someone named "Ryujin" post the image above. Think it's legit? If so, it is pretty exiting!


  • Yes. Also, Maro said in a post (Don't know where i found it, just some post on the Mtg website) that he wished to make a steampunk set. If Kaladesh isn't steampunk and Mtg combined, then tell me what is. (But, he also said he wished for a fairy tale land...)
  • Good new everyone KALADESH IS CONFIRMED!!!!
  • I'm just pumped for four color commanders in C2016 and a second Conspiracy set. I play in an almost exclusively multiplayer commander meta, so it's basically a dream.
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    One can hope... One can dream...that we will be finally getting an Izzet Artifact Commander!
  • I. . I just want an actual legendary nephilim.
  • Man, thatś A LOT to take in. This will definitely be an exciting year. I play with my brother, so the Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis duel deck is definitely something I´m going to purchase. Nissa is my fav planeswalker anyway :)
  • I'm sorry, but did you say Nissa vs Nixilis? Holy crap. Obs is becoming the black version of Jace at this rate.
  • Not likely, @Lujikul. All the Planeswalkers from the Duel Decks are simply reprints of planeswalker cards from other sets. As of right now, we only have two Ob planeswalker cards (his latest being so much more playable than his first), and this will probably be a reprint of his BFZ outing.
  • to quote @Lujikul, "I. . I just want an actual legendary nephilim."

    Well, here they are!:
  • Four-color commanders? I don't dig it... Especially since the mana base would be expensive and the deck's consistency is harder to achieve.

    The Kaladesh block interests me a lot since it's heavily focused on artifacts. I also want to see how the "traditional" magic will be handled there.
  • @Stormbreath, a Nephilim reprint would be really cool! I haven't seen the commanders, but I will probably get the UBRG one.

    @Zanmato, maybe WotC will have an excuse to reprint Filter lands + Mana Confluence??? And also remember SOM. They handled artifacts pretty well.
  • I really don't get the hype over 4 colour commanders.
  • I want artifacts in mah face!! :) It's been too long since Scars block. I really like artifact heavy sets.
  • @Oduda - It's because we don't play commander I reckon.
  • @Oduda It's a fairly big deal if you play EDH, because that means it's going to provide a stable mana base, meaning that's there's a lot of room for different strategies, as well as the fact that there will probably be at least ten new four color legendaries.
  • Actually I do play EDH. I currently have 4 EDH deck. 3 of them are 2 colours and one is 5 colours. I never once had any desire to use 4 colours and it would most certainly not provide a stable mana base as you will often have cards in hand you cannot cast. 3 colours is my next step but I would have to find a commander worth building around and I don't currently have one.
  • @Oduda WoTC has generally been good about their mana set ups in preconstructed decks, especially, in my experience, EDH. For example, the Ob Nixilis prebuilt commander was essentially a black ramp strategy, and using the mana production that WoTC provided, it consistently got out large demons quickly, in my experience. Maybe I'm putting too much faith in WoTC's prebuilts, but they generally seem to have success with a diversified mana base, and I'm excited to see what they do. If four colors isn't your cup of tea, then I can totally understand why it doesn't exactly thrill you.
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    actually, if you don't like running four colors due to mana trouble, I can think of this to help:[tap]+[add]&type=+["Artifact"]
    A complete list of all mana stones WoTC has made over the 20+ years of magic. I think that you will find something to help you there.
  • @stormbreath There's also the signets, keyrunes, and the (questionable) cluestones
  • don't forget banners and monuments!
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