Magic The Gathering: Your Actual Deck

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I wanted to ask everybody about there REAL MTG decks (online doesn't count.... sorry)

No net decked decks

1. What colors are they

2. Do they absolutely destroy all your opponents

3. What format is it best in

4. What's your deck's theme (e.g., ally, aggro, midrange, boardwipe, etc.)

5. Has your deck taken you to the pro tour

6. Who do you play with

7. Do you think you're better than me

Thanks for answering! Sometimes it's fun to get to know how people really play.



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    1. I play Abzan

    2. Sometimes xP

    3. Probably standard (my second favourite is vintage)

    4. Midrange-ish

    5. Haven't tried 0.o

    6. My buddies (and strangers at tournament)

    7. Yeah, I'm way better than me.

  • 1. I always play GB. ALWAYS.

    2. I prefer the term "crush all my opponents' hopes and dreams, and ruin our friendships."

    3. Usually casual or pauper. The deck in question is designed for pauper.

    4. Value. Value, value, value. Discard creatures. Get them back. Discard them for more creatures. Play those. Play the ones you just discarded. Gain 12 life in the process. Do it all again.

    5. I guarantee 94% of the answers to this will be "no." Including my own.

    6. With a group of friends that I'm still surprised they haven't left me yet.

    7. I like to think I could give you a run for your money. ;)
  • 1. I play a variety of decks. Really anything that works.
    2. My casual decks are fun, my tournament decks usually crush.
    3. When I do tournaments I like Standard. I don't have the cards or money for Vintage or Modern anymore.
    4. Whatever decks is best for the format. For casual, it could be anything. I have 23 decks I use and all are different.
    5. No, haven't played Pro Tour, but have professionally judged at several.
    6. Tournaments vs whoever shows. Casual with group.
    7. I don't know your skill level, but have myself beaten top pros. People have to work to beat me (unless I get severe mana problems.)
  • 1): My most current deck is an Abzan Company deck, but it is very different from the ones that win tournaments (I don't have much money!)

    2): So far, the deck is useful against aggro, midrange, ramp, and many different kinds of decks. It seems to have some trouble against prison, but most decks have trouble with that.

    3): It is my first official modern deck, but my friends don't have boundaries between formats.

    4): Honestly, I don't really know. I would say Aggro/Midrange/Aristocrats

    5): What the Blustersquall is the Pro Tour? (JK!)

    6): I normally play with one other friend, but I really want to bring it to a casual tournament (I live pretty isolated from civilization, so I am lucky if I get to do a tournament once every two months)

    7): I personally don't know, but knowing your age, personality, and playstyle, probably.
  • 1. What colors are they
    RWU Jeskai, Shu Yun

    2. Do they absolutely destroy all your opponents

    3. What format is it best in
    It is an EDH/Commander deck and isn't really useable in any other format.

    4. What's your deck's theme (e.g., ally, aggro, midrange, boardwipe, etc.)
    Voltron/combo, buff up Shu Yun make him unblockable then swing for lethal commander damage.

    5. Has your deck taken you to the pro tour

    6. Who do you play with
    Whomever else shows up to the Wednesday night EDH at my local game store.

    7. Do you think you're better than me
    Obviously... not
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    • x6 Forests
    • x7 Plains
    • x5 Swamps
    • x1Blighted Steppe
    • x1 Stirring Wildwood
    • x1 Jungle Hollow
    • x2 Scoured Barrens

    • x1 Nissa, Vastwood Seer/Nissa, Sage Animist
    • x1 Ob Nixilis Reignited
    • x1 Sorin, Solemn Visitor

    • x1 Abzan Guide
    • x1 Abzan Kin-Guard
    • x2 Anafenza, the Foremost
    • x2 Arashin Cleric
    • x2 Child of Night
    • x1 Champion of Arashin
    • x1 Cliffhaven Vampire
    • x1 Defiant Bloodlord
    • x2 Drana's Emissary
    • x2 Farbog Revenant
    • x2 Felidar Sovereign
    • x1 Ghostblade Eidolon
    • x2 Guardian Automaton
    • x1 Hopeful Eidolon
    • x1 Ladonna-Band Elder
    • x1 Lifespring Druid
    • x1 Oreskos Sun Guide
    • x1 Scholar of Athreos
    • x1 Sentinal of the Eternal Watch
    • x1 Servant of Tymaret
    • x1 Soulflayer
    • x1 Sultai Flayer
    • x1 Totem-Guide Hartebeest
    • x2 Vampire Envoy
    • x1 Warden of the First Tree
    • x2 War Oracle

    • x1 Chosen by Heliod
    • x1 Divine Favor
    • x1 Ephara's Radiance
    • x1 Forced Adaptation
    • x3 Grasp of the Heiromancer
    • x1 Infernal Scarring
    • x1 Sage's Reverie
    • x1 Helm of the Gods
    • x2 Prism Ring
    • x1 Riot Gear
    • x2 Slayer's Plate

    • x1 Alms of the Vein
    • x1 Chaplain's Blessing
    • x1 Death Grasp
    • x1 Nissa's Renewal
    • x1 Nissa's Revelation
    • x1 Primal Command
    • x1 Shamble Back

    • x1 Dazzling Reflection
    • x1 Meditation Puzzle
    • x4 Pulse of Murasa

    1. Abzan
    2. Horribly and utterly. I also like it when one of us yells at my friend whenever he says a rule we don't think is legit.
    3. I don't do tournaments, but I guess it would be good in modern (Without Renaut and Favnir, of course :))
    4. Lifegain midrange
    5. I don't do tournaments
    6. I play with my friends (Who have super OP decks, but I STILL crush them like gnats)
    7. I am better than you in all ways (One being that I took all that time to type out my entire 80-ish card deck)
  • UG
    I win sometimes
    Built it in mind of standard
    Control and card draw I guess. I used both of the welcome bulk rares if that counts.
    What's a pro tour? Lol
    My friends
    Unless your best deck is a pile of random cards, you're gonna beat me.
  • I also have another one that sees some play

    Is only legal in modern
    Wait till' i get my Shivan dragon
    See other post
    A bit less hope than my other deck
  • Another

    RG (Runs one black mana source to play Flesh//Blood)
    Actually, it can and will wreck my friend's Golgari deck.
    Gruul is cruel and is just a "Stack up tiny creatures until you're attacking for forty."
    Can beat golgari and stuff
  • I have been playing MTG for almost four years now, and I must say making decks is getting quite expensive. It started with just an intro deck, then some boosters, then an event deck, then a pre-release, then a ton of drafts, then two treasure troves (at my local MTG store you can buy a treasure trove-1000 cards), then a playmat, 7 deck boxes, more boosters, more boosters, individual cards, from the vault: annihilation, vintage packs, more boosters, a gift box, more boosters, more singles, more boosters... the list in endless.
  • I have 4 EDH decks, 1 pauper deck and probably 12 casual decks. I like making random decks. =P
  • @oduda Same here. I once made a time based deck.
  • Oh god...I forgot I made my deck that I had posted there into a 300-card Legacy deck...Well, this is gonna be fun!
  • My parents are Asian so persuading them to allow me to get mtg cards is hard... However, the fact that I'm Asian means I'm very good at business, so... I get everything from trading. I started off with $50 of cards that are now worth $200.
  • 1. I play a Monstrosity Deck so its Red, Green

    2. when my Monstrosities are out, all the time

    3. Standard

    4. Strangely Mid-Ranged

    5.Have not tried.

    6. My friends

    7. Might be able to beat @LukeMTG
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    1. Bant.

    2. If I can beat out a Brisela, does that mean yes?

    3. Standard. (duh)

    4. BANT COMPANY- nah, I am not that evil. It's more of midrange. Bant Clues. (i need to get a clue). To be honest, the deck is very hard to play just because of all the triggers I must keep track of. Play a creature, investigate twice, investigate, sac clue, two humans, counter on Tracker, gain 6 life, draw a card. Pass turn, he kills creature, I investigate, I crack clue...

    5. Haven't tried.

    6. People in a tournament.

    7. Depends- is Kirby a good magic player?
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    1. Sultai
    2. Well... My opponents aren't that good... Except when I face good people, I just stall time till I get the cards I need. 3 years, 2 losses, against decks worth over 300 dollars I won (proxy).
    3. It's only available in... Uhh... Legacy maybe?
    4. Control. Definitely control.
    5. Never tried. And my parents wouldn't let me try in the first place.
    6. Friends I guess.
    7. Actually I might.

    Additional notes: The deck doesn't fit my playstyle, but it still works okay. I mainly trick my opponents into doing the wrong things. My deck isn't even that good, as I've only spent 50 bucks.
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    I got a killer blue deck, i play casual but it destroys almost every time and i often do not play it as how long my turns play because of pure things and makes games last 2-3x longer it's MVP card is High Tide it works in all gamemodes that the cards are legal in, it is 60 cards, it does so much it's hard to say what type it is, but if i had to say, i'd say
    its a control deck. i play against a group of highschoolers (now seniors and a few juniors*sad me a softmore :{ ) that usually run decks with alot of synergy but most of it is on permanents, and my deck counters that perfectly. then on fridays i kinda chill at local library with mostly middleschoolers and little kids but there's sometimes older people who come in and i go there because that's where i hang with another softmore from a diff school. my decks are all on their level( i mean older and other softmore, i don't play the little kids i mainly just tell them rules when they don't know stuff) and i lose some and win some, but sometimes when i use my blue deck, it demolishes everyone so whenever i need a saving card or for competitions i use blue deck

    however it would prob be pretty equal to your deck but of course i have to say i think i'm better than you man, u wanna fite me, u wanna DIE eh ehh put up ur dukes, if you want ill put a deck list in

    and if i did play competitive, i'd prob be lower teir and get rekt
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    @LukeMTG This is my best deck. If you use it, please credit me. (About half built from the bones of a commander 2015 deck)

    1. Black/Green
    2. It beats most people. The only person that has beat it was a guy with a really weird "Boros Control" deck.
    3. Vintage
    4. Sacrifice all my creatures and reap the rewards.
    5. It got second second place at my local library comic-con. (Which was surprisingly busy.)
    6. Friends and family mostly.
    7. Probably not, although I have a deck in the works that could pound you to bits when I scrounge up 20 bucks.

    1x Smothering Abomination
    2x Undead Executioner
    2x Shambling Shell
    2x Carrier Thrall
    1x Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord
    1x Shriekmaw
    1x Korozda Guildmage
    2x Nyx Weaver
    1x Undercity Informer
    1x Slum Reaper
    2x Drainpipe Vermin
    1x Dutiful Attendant
    1x Viridian Emissary
    1x Butcher of Malakir
    1x Mycoloth
    1x Scourge of Nel Toth
    2x Blisterpod
    1x Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest
    1x Kessig Cagebreakers
    1x Eternal Witness
    1x Nemesis of Mortals
    2x Seed Guardian

    1x Eldrazi Monument
    1x Skullclamp

    1x Golgari Charm
    1x Putrefy
    1x Wretched Confluence

    1x Liliana Vess (this is the rare from my first booster pack, my second booster pack had Ashiok in it.)

    2x Bone Splinters
    1x Dread Summons
    1x Drown in Filth
    1x Primal Growth
    1x Spider Spawning

    7x Forest
    7x Swamp
    1x Blighted Woodland
    4x Evolving Wilds
    1x Golgari Guildgate
    1x Golgari Rot Farm
    1x Grim Backwoods
    1x Jungle Hollow

    @Lujikul How's that?

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    Eyo, I like broken combos and an often infuriating amount of control, my decks are built to be weak towards aggro, which no-one in my playgroup plays, lucky me I suppose.

    Spoiler: This is not a competitive deck, It is purposefully inconsistent and leaves gaps for interaction, though it is some of the most fun I've had playing this wonderful game.

    1. 5 Color (yup, I'm just that cocky)

    2. In 3 years (5 days a week - holidays) of playing at least one game a day on staff break it has lost 4 times.

    3. My playgroup does Competitive Tabletop/ Vintage Casual, it is only legal in Vintage.

    4. Combo/Control (Boardwipe, Self-Mill, Toolbox)

    5. Not this one, no. (never been, got close once)

    6. A bunch o' lovable work buds who've been playing since the 90's, at this point it's less about winning and more about showing off cool stuff.

    7. Mickey's bar, 10:00PM, Sunday, we'll settle it there.

    House of the Rising Sun

    3x Deathrite Shaman
    4x Birds of Paradise
    2x Sun Titan
    1x Zur, the Enchanter
    1x Laboratory Maniac
    1x Viscera Seer
    1x Blood Artist
    2x Griselbrand
    1x Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

    1x Pernicious Deed
    1x Dance of the Dead
    1x Gift of Immortality

    1x Aesthetic Consultation (Demonic if I'm playing against someone who doesn't like silver borders.)
    3x Remand
    4x Brainstorm
    2x Thoughtseize
    1x Regrowth
    1x Who/What/Where/When/Why (Because Reasons)

    4x Bring to Light
    3x Supreme Verdict
    1x Armageddon (Yup... I'm not even gonna try to hide my shame.)
    1x Demonic Tutor
    1x Vindicate
    1x Channel

    3x Polluted Delta
    3x Windswept Heath
    3x Flooded Strand
    1x Fetid Heath
    1x Flooded Grove
    1x Overgrown Tomb
    1x Godless Shrine
    1x Hallowed Fountain
    1x Watery Grave
    1x Steam Vents
    1x Breeding Pool
    1x Temple Garden

    So what does this mess do?

    3 Mainboard Combos:

    Sun Titan + Viscera Seer + Blood Artist + Gift of Immortality (Infinite life drain.)

    Channel + Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (Okay, less of a combo, more of a flashy way to get the entire table to hate you.)

    Laboratory Maniac + Aesthetic Consultation (See above, though there is something wildly satisfying about winning by naming "Bob Ross".)

    Not the most complex combo deck, but fun nonetheless, thanks for the page @LukeMTG :)
  • Haha wish I had just one.
    I run currently a WG enchantment standard deck that destroys with Herlad of the Pantheon and Helm of the gods. Other than that, I run 7 edh decks, Narset Jeskai, Nekusar reanimation/burn, Anafenza abzan (with +1/+1 counters), General Tazri allies and walkers, Zurgo Helmsmasher eldrazi, Daxos noncreature, and Omnath elemental/landfall.

    Not all of them destroy opponents however the Narset, Tazri, and Omnath edh decks do as well as the WG enchant in standard.

    I haven't gone tour and I just play with friends, but I'd like to think I can give people a run for heir money.
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    I have a lot of decks, but this is most recent:

    1. What colors are they
    Xenagos Commander RG

    2. Do they absolutely destroy all your opponents
    At least some of them

    3. What format is it best in
    Commander. This question makes no sense because no deck made for a format is both good and playable in any other format. That is why there are multiple formats...

    4. What's your deck's theme (e.g., ally, aggro, midrange, boardwipe, etc.)
    Big, terrifying creatures and aggro

    5. Has your deck taken you to the pro tour

    6. Who do you play with
    Lots of people at my LGS

    7. Do you think you're better than me
  • I have got several decks. Three of them are standard legal and made for friday night magic.

    One of them is a white/black vampire ally deck with lifelink as main mechanic, one is a red/black madness deck and one is a blue/black zombie deck. At least the last two of them are quite strong and won a lot since I built them not that long ago.

    I also have a number of modern legal decks, I play with my friends. One of them also is a white/black lifegain deck, wich I like a lot, since it is the first one, I ever made. It's build around Ajani's Pridemate and works quite good. I also have some tribal decks, a black/green elven deck and a red/black minotaur deck. The elven themed one floods the battlefield with tokens, the minotaur one is unbelievably fast. Just recently, I made a mono white soldier deck, working with enchantments a lot and a white/blue spirit deck that works with tokens and retrieving cards from the graveyard.

    Most annoying is my red/green land destruction deck. Especially in multiplayer, it's quite strong and I may not play it a lot, 'cause my friends hate me for destroying all their lands until they can't cast any more cards.

    None of them has brought me tp the pro tour, but I only play for fun, so I never even thought of playing there. Some of them are strong and would have good chances to win, but some are quite weak and I just built them to try what they can do.

  • Made a new deck!

    1): My deck is Mardu Reanimator. It is White, Black, and Red.

    2): My playgroup has banned Emrakul, so I can't manipulate the stack and kill them immediately... It is still pretty good.

    3): It would be Modern... except for the 4x foil Dread Returns. I guess Legacy then.

    4): First couple of turns, discard cool creatures like Grave Titan and Griselbrand with cheap discard spells... Then reanimate them turn 4 with Dread Return! Uses Nahiri the Harbringer as backup.

    5): Nopey nopey nope.

    6): My local playgroup.

    7): It is pretty nasty... Sure. Why not?
  • @gelectrode Turn 1 Dark Ritual > Entomb > Reanimate/Animate Dead/Exhume:
    Iona, Shield of Emeria
    Jin Gitaxias
    Blazing Archon
    Blightsteel Colossus
    Sheoldred, Whispering One

    Also make sure you have Ashen Riders.

    There are also a lot of infinite combos since you are boarding Dread Returns.
  • @strongbelieves, Who in the name of the Firemind himself would want to fight against those kinds of decks? I specifically left out certain cards in my deck so my opponents would play against me!
  • I feel so poor...

    Yesterday was my birthday. Maybe I'll convince my grandparents to buy me some mtg cards.
  • @trippleBoggey3 i got most of my cards from a friend that collected them when he was a kid lucky me
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    My best deck:
    1. What colors are they
    Sultai (BUG)

    2. Do they absolutely destroy all your opponents
    I'd like to think it wins around 65%-70% of the games I play.

    3. What format is it best in

    4. What's your deck's theme (e.g., ally, aggro, midrange, boardwipe, etc.)
    SUPERFREINDS!!! (otherwise known as "planeswalkers")

    5. Has your deck taken you to the pro tour

    6. Who do you play with
    My brothers and some friends.

    7. Do you think you're better than me
    Link to the decklist:

    My soon to be best deck (I'm like 5 cards away!):
    1. What colors are they
    Naya (RGW)

    2. Do they absolutely destroy all your opponents
    So, there's this one dumb cats deck that my brother has, and it's so dumb. Like, really
    dumb. And good. Like, really good. I have not won a single game against that deck,
    but against all of the other decks that I play against, that are more than twice this
    one's price, I have only lost, like three times out of around 50. It's weird.

    3. What format is it best in
    Again, modern

    4. What's your deck's theme (e.g., ally, aggro, midrange, boardwipe, etc.)
    Budget Zoo Aggro

    5. Has your deck taken you to the pro tour

    6. Who do you play with
    Same answer as last time, it hasn't changed yet.

    7. Do you think you're better than me
    Link to the decklist:

    So, @LukeMTG , you wanna fight on ?
  • 1. Modern Storm (Ascension). I don't like looking at my opponents.
    I am also building Lantern Control (Fun!) and BW Tokens.

    2. The times I've played it in tournaments I've gone 3/0 twice and 2/1 once, outside I have a pretty large win-rate. Modern isn't popular where I am, though.

    3. It is best in casual. (Though I would never play it outside of a tournament because it is not fun to play against.)

    4. Combo

    5. No, will play in the next modern tour though.

    6. I play with other people at my store or with my brother over Skype.

    7. Yes.

    I also play commander.

    1. Brago is my best. (Also have Vorel, Gitrog (Reanimator), Ulamog, Ayli, and the new Niv Mizzet).

    2. Sometimes. I either get off to a stupid(ly amazing) start and crush my opponents or get Brago haters who keep killing Brago every time I play him. The same goes for my other decks except for Ayli and Ulamog.

    3. Casual Commander

    4. Brago - ETB effects. (Tokens/Control)
    Vorel - BIG THINGS! UNBLOCKABLE! TRAMPLE! 32/32! 64/64! BIG!
    Gitrog - Reanimation with Gitrog for some combos and card draw.
    Ulamag - Step 1: Ramp. Step 2: Win.
    Ayli - Removal with life gain.
    Niv Mizzet - Card draw with burn spells and cards that copy things. (I can easily copy a spell 4 times).

    5. I wish they had commander pro tours.

    6. People at the local store (My brother hates EDH for some weird reason. He plays
    new Obzedat, and all he does is sit there and drain. 75+% of his deck is removal.)

    7. You didn't say if you play EDH.
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