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    Okay I have a planeswalker. Dar'Karon is the Shaharan god of Darkness. He is bound to a blade called The Soul Cutter, which allows him to sap the souls of the living.
    I will be making a series based on this planeswalker for all colors.
  • Atra comes from the plane of Shereven, a plane that has existed as a barren wasteland for as long as there has been written history. The humans of Shereven know of a pervious race that lived on the plane long before it became a wasteland and had advanced technology that gave them almost god-like powers. Atra is a seeker of the technology of the Ancient Race. During one of her excavations she becomes attached to a living piece of technology that fuses with her mind and ignites her Planeswalker spark. Since her were planeswalker Atra has been travelling from plane to plane in search for anything that will help her people have a better life in the wastes of Shereven. Most recently she has been on New Phyrexia helping the last remaining Mirrans defend their homeland in the hopes that after the Phyrexias are cleansed she can steal some of their technology to modify for her own ends.



    Submitting just under the wire with 1 and a half hours left to spare
  • Alright, for those stragglers out there, I'll be closing the contest in four and a half hours. Remember, this contest will be judged on the originality of concept, the mechanical soundness, and the ability to create something whose mechanics reflect a sort of flavor.

    In effect, I'm looking for things that are able to break out of the expected bounds, but they must be functional. The non-planeswalker must have a means of transformation and the planeswalker side must be actually functional.

    You all have four and a half hours to finalize your entries and submit them in their final forms for judging. I will be glad to provide feedback via instant message to anyone who wants to talk about their card after the fact.
  • I decided to take a different route than normal for my second entry. My entry transforms from a LAND to a planeswalker... and has the ability to transform back.

    Long story short, Mountain of Misery can be transformed when a bunch of your creatures die in combat. The mountain basically gets mad and gets up to punish the idiot who killed your creatures.
    Dolor's first ability destroys a creature one your opponents attacked with recently. Dolor is docile most of the time, and he won't really hurt your opponent unless they hurt you.
    His second ability can only be activated if nothing has died this turn. He goes back to sleep and transforms back into a mountain. The two advantages to this is that he is indestructible as a land and that when he transforms again, he gets his starting loyalty back (although it really isn't easy to transform him back.)
    His third ability is awesome. You get to destroy a bunch of your opponent's creatures, AND your other mountains become 4/4 creatures until the end of turn. It still fits Dolor's nature because your opponent would have to attack you a bunch of times (so that you could keep activating Dolor's +1) before you can use the last ability, and by that point Dolor is fed up with your opponent.

    Design-wise, I wanted these two cards to be focused around being a "preventative measure" to scare your opponent out of attacking you. They would know that if they kill three of your creatures in combat, you can transform Mountain of Misery. And, if they attack you after that, Dolor can destroy the creatures they attacked with. And if they keep attacking, Dolor can activate his third ability and annihilate them.
  • Alright, thank you everyone for the submissions. I'll be going through the cards today and tomorrow, and hopefully post the results on Monday.
  • There are a ton of really good cards submitted, but sadly a lot of my top picks did not credit the artist in their card. As this was one of my rules, I will have to disqualify a lot of really amazing cards from the final selection. If I run a contest again, I encourage you all to submit cards again and keep this in mind.

    My final decision is coming up shortly.
  • Final Results:

    I am extremely satisfied with the submissions that you all came up with. In fact, I had to choose more winners than I thought I would because of how many interesting cards were submitted. However, since this was a contest based on the originality of the card, its ability to be played as written, its mechanical soundness/balance, and the thought that the creator was willing to put into it, this contest does have a set of clear winners. As I mentioned, there were so many good cards, but these stood out as examples of what flip-card planeswalkers could actually be. The ones I chose fit all my criteria to the letter and did something original that would contribute to a cohesive and interesting play style.

    That said, thank you all for your time. Here are your winners:

    1st Place: @Darkray
    Erdelm - I understand the situation you are in with the artists, and if you hadn't notified me of this I wouldn't have been able to select this as the winning card. This planeswalker more than anything contributes to a really interesting combo play style in blue that I've never seen before (that is, focused on spending all your resources as quickly as possible and punishing the very nature of the color). Not to mention, the flavor of the card fitting its mechanics so well only helped to solidify this decision.

    2nd Place: @NicoStoner
    Ravenstvo - The power of this card is hidden in how intelligently the player uses it, and that makes it far more interesting as a card than many others. It is quick to play and transform, and while that typically makes something unbalanced this card more than recovers by how much thought and luck will be put into the application. I would love to play with Ravenstvo.

    3rd Place (tie): @strongbelieves @Bolt7
    Svidaniya - The connection of colorless mana to mana itself draws to mind a connection with artifact mana, myrs, and other interesting cards that deserve the interaction. Its utilization of a core part of MTG and how it works in combination with other cards lends this card some strength. However, the last ability was somewhat overpowered and has to be considered even if this was not enough to knock it out of being one of the best in this contest.

    Taurus - I would be lying if I said that the idea of a Minotaur planeswalker didn't make me excited. Not only is this card original and interesting, but it does play with the idea of burn and the graveyard coming together. The scope of the planeswalker's power made it really interesting as well, enough to warrant a place in the top of the contest.

    Those who won should either post here or send me a message detailing the claiming of their prizes. I will also be glad to provide design notes to anyone who asks for it.
  • Congrats to all the winners and participants!
  • @SubstituteHero, didn't really see this till now, sorry for the delay.
    Thanks for this awesome contest! Also, thanks for being understanding about the artist conundrum. Anyway, you can just favorite any of my cards you want, I am not going to ask you to favorite specific ones. (I mean, it would make sense if you favorited the ones I won with though).
    Cards to comment on:
  • Awesome, I'll be looking through the logs and making a couple of cards to form a set. Congratulations again on the win.
  • @substitutehero Take the first two. Forget the third.
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