1 mana 2/2

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I love 1 mana 2/2s. They're usually interesting and powerful and run the gamut from common to rare. Vampire Lacerator, Phantasmal Bear, Diregraf Ghoul, Zurgo, Isamura and Goblin Guide.

The aim of the contest is to make a 1 mana 2/2. Those are the only criteria.

Cards will be judged on balance, playability, templating, flavour, creativity and art selection.

Each cardsmith has a maximum of three entries, one of each rarity from common to rare (sorry, no mythics).

Only one of your entries can be a card that was made previously. The other two have to be new. It's up to you which rarity slot is an old card and which are new.

You can remake your entries as many times as you like.

I'll decide the prizes later but for the moment I'm thinking I'll pick the best common, uncommon and rare rather than 1st / 2nd / 3rd (or I might do both). It depends on the number of entries.

The contest closes on 31st July.

Here are the WotC examples which you might find helpful:

Looking forward to seeing some cool entries!

List of entries so far:

Common (23)
@Saveria - Hoarfrost Elemental
@MarhyX - Confused Warrior
@RingsofVryn - Pristine Archivist
@Platypusburger - Dirty Beat Cop
@RedRageMage - Tormentor Wraith
@Yururu - Impetuous Runt
@DankSoulsRager - Baby Dragon
@Faiths_Guide - Heedless Rider
@TrippleBoggey3 - Traitorous Sellsword
@Vlad-tepes - Lone Survivor
@Mordecai - Old Shapeshifter
@annie - Misguided Angel
@DragonFaceEater - Angel of the Fallen Soldier
@Oshuja89 - Thoctar Calf
@ningyounk - Flesh Tormentor
@yousmelllikeapumpkin - Graf Rats
@Mysterious_Gangsta - Tame Cerberus
@mintyfreshmana - Blind Monk
@KimJongMartin - Battlefield Wanderer
@falloutimperial - Markov Decorative
@MrRansom - Longhorn Beetle
@Beeswax - Knight of the Knell
@PixelKirby - Shoddy Tower

Uncommon (23)
@Lujikul - Lackluster Traitor
@koover - Soul Nibblers
@opcode_6e - Decaying Moldform
@Tutlaschk - Swampling
@DankSoulsRager - Ghastly Knight
@Faiths_Guide - Flamerite Daimyo
@RedRageMage - Scorchbulk
@seaspray4TF3 - Eldrazi Seedling
@ningyounk - Winter Whistler
@TrippleBoggey3 - Chill Plague Soldier
@Mordecai - Spiritshifter
@DragonFaceEater - Hunted Demon
@Oshuja89 - Outrider of Iroas
@yousmelllikeapumpkin - Drunken Alleystalker
@RohanDragoon - Sirin Ranger
@Mysterious_Gangsta - Nivmagus Subjective
@mintyfreshmana - Petrified Golem
@KimJongMartin - Aether Scout
@falloutimperial - Frenetic Kineticist
@Beeswax - Priest of the Silver Word
@Bellycuss - Dungeon Weaver
@UndeadZombie22 - Angel of Darkness
@PixelKirby - Prowling Hunter

Rare (22)
@TrippleBoggey3 - Warrior of the Belated
@koover - Lurking Abomination
@Faiths_Guide - Voldaren Reprobate
@Mordecai - Apprentice Shapechanger
@ningyounk - Strange Companions
@DragonFaceEater - Golgari Rot Beast
@Oshuja89 - Archdemon of Mogis
@yousmelllikeapumpkin - Dunestalker
@seaspray4TF3 - The Crab King
@Mysterious_Gangsta - Freak of Nature
@RedRageMage - Advocate of Nerimia
@mintyfreshmana - Spectral Cavalry
@KimJongMartin - Steelborn Crusader
@Balgeron - Memory Dancer
@falloutimperial - Soulwringer Prodigy
@Beeswax - Callers of the Charivari
@Atmann - Elf of Darkness
@Falcon_Punch_4321 - Shadowblood Ronin
@Corwinnn - Confident Vampire
@opcode_6e - Phantom Duelist
@MrRansom - Knight of Internal Affairs
@PixelKirby - Eldrazi Caller


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