Hyperbase Enforcers Contest (Updated!)

Recently, an unexpected civil war has broken out in the Hyperbase. Disorderly conduct and rebellion have rose, and some have even tried to argue with the authority of the ruler himself! Create someone to restore order to the Hyperbase!

Rules: Make an officer to restore justice to the Hyperbase! (Note: I need at least 5 contestants before I can even give an end date!)

Must have white mana in its cost.

Must be a human. android, and/or trooper.

Must be a creature.

May use custom mechanics (unless their mine, please explain.)

Most mechanics accepted, Detain is absolutely fine.

Submit entries as a reply to my comment on the following card: http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/hyperbase-enforcers-contest-2

Limit three entries per person, fixing of entries permitted.

Acceptable cards will be modified and balanced (if applicable) and put into my set.

As always, no hate commenting and please use constructive criticism! I already have a civil war in the Hyperbase to deal with, so I don't need a war in the comments section!


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