1 mana 3/3

The logical next step, no?

There are only four of these in the history of Magic. You can see them here:
Not surprising, considering how fiendishly difficult it is to create a balanced 1cmc 3/3. But that's the aim of this challenge!

- Cards must be 3/3 creatures that cost 1 mana.
- Any rarity from common to mythic.
- Maximum of 3 entries per smith. At least 2 of your entries must be created on or after 8th August.
- You can remake your entries as many times as you like.

Judging Criteria
- Balance
- Playability
- Realism
- Creativity
- Templating (including spelling, grammar, punctuation and spacing)
- Flavour
- Art selection (using existing MtG art is strongly discouraged)

Unlike last time, I won't be judging across three categories because there's a lot less flexibility here compared to 1 mana 2/2s. At least, I'm not planning to - but, if there are lots of entries, I'll try to find some way of having lots of winners again. Until then, it'll be:
- 1st place, 5 faves
- 2nd place, 3 faves
- 3rd place, 1 fave.

22nd August

Good luck!


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