Emergency Situation Contest!

"It looks like time's running out. We need a plan B. But we can't think of it alone. We're gonna need some backup, and you might just be our savior. Please, make a plan for us in case we fall. Our lives are in your hands."
Joseph, Ruler of the Hyperbase, to you!

Rules: Make an instant that uses the subtype PANIC!

Rules for panic (do not put this on the card!):

If an instant with the panic subtype is in your hand, put it into your command zone. At any time, you may cast it like normal (pay its mana cost and play it), or, if a source would deal lethal damage to you or cause you to lose the game (for instance, a card that would empty your library or a card that says that you lose the game.), it is automatically activated as if it had been cast (meaning it goes to the graveyard after its effect resolves.)

NOTE: Panic is a subtype. The Type bar on your card should look like this:

Instant - Panic

This card is the type of card that would come in handy in times of dire need. Keep that in mind! Also, the contest deadline will be determined once I have 5 contestants. Each contestant can enter up to 3 cards into this contest, and they may revise the cards they made.


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