Hey, I try to make cards for MTG Cardsmith often, and I'd really appreciate it if you checked out my Account and gave some feedback on my cards.

Here's the link:

Thanks :)


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    You make many common cards but I think they tend to be OP for common. But I like your style.
  • I'm just going to pick the first, say, five.

    Atarki Vigilante
    I really like this card; it's an evasive beatstick that gets stronger if you support it. My only suggestion would be to replace the tap ability (which is pretty weak, and overshadowed by lifelink) with some form of Beckon Apparition (without the token). This is more synergistic, and can be used for offensive graveyard-hate as well.

    Apprentice Hydromancer
    While this card is pretty balanced, almost underpowered, it's not very blue at all. Direct burn is very strongly tied to red, and sacrificing lands and other permanents is a black thing. Blue does have some direct burn, but that's mostly from the early days of Magic, when blue had literally everything. I would recommend changing the cost to RB and perhaps making it {r/b}, Sacrifice a land: Apprentice Lavamancer deals 3 damage to target creature. You could also do two abilities: {r}{t}, Mountain, to creature; {b}{t}, Swamp, to player. There's definitely potential here, but I wouldn't point it in the blue direction.

    Winged Necromancer
    I'm assuming this is a mirrored pair with Atarki Vigilante, which explains the 1 life ability of the vigilante. It could be cool to give this one the other half of Beckon Apparition (the token), but I would recommend at least making the effect life-loss instead of damage, in order to work within the color pie.

    Winged Thoughtbinder
    Oh, so it's a cycle. This one has a good activated ability, but the threshold passive is kind of weak. Telepathy costs {u}, and keeping seven cards is kind of hard to do. I might recommend replacing the passive with Future Sight as long as you have more than seven cards in your hand. It's stronger, but also still hard to get. I really do like this cycle.

    Winged Pyromaniac
    Why isn't there a green one? I guess flying isn't a green thing, but you could make it insect-themed. Anyway, I like this one, but I would recommend making the bonus +2/+0 (white gives +0/+X, green gives +X/+X, black gives -X/-X, red gives +X/+0, blue gives -X/-0). The trigger is fine, although there are other options, too; battalion comes to mind.
  • That's why Beeswax is so awesome! Also, there is a link on the forum to the color pie. It will definitely help you if you're trying to keep your cards within the realm of MtG. If you're going off the beaten path, then the color pie is still useful for some cool ideas!
  • Thanks for so much feedback Beeswax! The reason that there's no Green is I haven't gotten around to it yet. Also, I've been making loads of commons because a friend and I are making a set (185 cards) and we're doing commons first. I'll make a Discussion about the block later today.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the feedback again :)
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