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Phase Alpha - Operation: Box, Contest One

Ok, folks, it's time to get this party started. As I said here this is going to be the first contest in a two-part bonanza we're having to celebrate creativity, promote support of MTGCS and hand out some sweet goodies. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please read this link:

1. Entries must be 'realistic' magic cards. No 'un' cards, no pokemon, no yigioh, no transformers, etc.
2. Entries must be balanced and viable for modern or commander play. If you need help with this part, be sure to ask your fellow cardsmiths for input and support.
3. Each user is allowed two (2) entries. These entries may be changed any time before the contest's end date. If you change your card(s), please make a new post saying so.
4. Each entry must be an originally designed card for this contest, no old cards or previous creations.
5. Each entry must have the artwork with a proper credit. There may be exceptions made but using art sources that allow you to credit the creator (such as deviantart or artist websites/tumblrs) is highly suggested.

Entry Rules
With the next commander sets coming out soon after Kaladesh, we thought it would be a lot of fun to have the first half of the contest be cards that will actually be usable with these new commanders. What is so interesting about the new commanders? They will be the first ever four-color legendary creatures!

For this contest, we want you to make a 'charm' for the four color combination of your choice. A charm is an instant that allows you to pick between three modes for which ability you want to use. Some real examples are:
Trickery Charm
Boros Charm
Abzan Charm

Notice how the cards that require more colors and more mana tend to have more powerful effects? A 4cmc instant that requires 4 colors should allow any participant a vast number of possibilities. The requirements for your entry are:
1. Your card must be an instant (not tribal)
2. Your card must use four colored mana symbols in its casting cost and nothing else (includes no phyrexian mana, no hybrid mana and no colorless mana). For example, {w}{u}{b}{r} is an acceptable cost
3. Your card must have three modes to choose from

As stated in the previous post, the prize for winning this contest will be getting your name on The List. If you are a premium member, and you are selected, you will be allowed to nominate someone for The List pending judge approval. By being on The List or being a premium member, you will be eligible to win the largest prizes in the second half of this contest, including a booster box of Kaladesh. This is an opportunity for those of you that can't afford to donate to the site/become premium members or can't due to other reasons to get in on prizes that would otherwise only be available to premium members.

The minimum number of winners will be five. Depending on the number of entries, this could increase greatly.

Cards will be judged by myself and Corwinnn with possible input from MTGCS as well. They will be judged based on creativity first and foremost and balance second. Spelling, formatting and MTG standardization will not be judged since we understand some cardsmiths are new to designing cards and some don't speak English as a first language but please do your best to keep it understandable.

End Date
The contest will end around September 25th. Winners will be announced shortly after.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


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