The Magic Lore Challange (Ongoing)

This is a very simple ongoing challenge.

The first person will write 1 paragraph of their own story, and make 1 card to go with it. The second person will continue the story with another paragraph and another card, and it keeps going.

In the end, it will make a 264 card set, with 15 basic lands, 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, and 15 mythics, consisting of 2 Planeswalker.

This is a very original idea, isnt it?


  • Jorn picked his axe and brought it down on the boars head. Blood poured from the gash as the boar slumped to the ground. With great effort Jorn lifted the pig over his shoulders and started making his way to the village. Then the smell of smoke wafted through the air. Realizing what was happening, Jorn dropped the dead boar and dashed in the direction of the village.
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    The village was ablaze, all the houses falling, and people running, only to be set on fire as well. Jorn searched for his wife, but found no trace of her. Then he saw a creature with fire spurting out of it like geysers. It raised its hand to smash a crumbling house, but then stopped, and walked off, as if called away.
  • The only place such a creature could have gone was to a nearby mountain range, where magma constantly poured, and few humans had actually dared to venture. It was there that Jorn would find any clues of where his wife had gone, if she wasn't already dead.
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    He left his burning home village behind, not looking back. Nothing was left there for him. All he could thing of, was finding the loved ones, who were still alive and avenging those, who lost their lifes in the fire. He felt the weight of his axe in his hand and knew, that was all, he'd be in need of, if he found the tiger, that brought hell to his home.
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    It wasn't hard to follow this fiery beast; everything it touched burst to flames. Jorn traveled through the ruins of a scorched woodland, noticing large prints singed into the forest floor. This only made him move faster, he wanted to leave behind the wreckage of his village and find the ones responsible for the carnage.

  • Soon, he felt, the beast was near. Coming closer to the beast, he started to prepare himself. Before going into the fight, he decided to remember his magical defenses to protect himself from the fire, that beast could throw at him. After putting up his shield, he took his axe and walked on, hoping for victory.

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    But as he approached, a noxious smell assaulted his senses. He heard a weird squealing noise. Something was wrong. Jorn walked around the corner; he then realized that he had been following the wrong trail of fire. It was an old friend.
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    Jorn hesitated and looked around himself for a moment, trying to find any comfort in his surroundings. These beasts of fire had spread destruction to everything, sparing nothing from their crimson touch. At his feet, he found a blackened rose, ready to crumble to ash at the slightest touch. Despite this, though, its color was still preserved by a glow: the fire of destruction. Jorn began to wonder if his wife had met a similar fate to this rose. No; his wife wasn't the rose, he was. With a roar, he raised his axe and went at the boar. (Since we're going for a set here, I want to make this a cycle of artifacts with a casting cost of {1} and 2 different colors and have the effect {T}: Add the two 2 colors in the cost to your mana pool then have two small similar downsides occur that are based on the two colors that the artifact taps for.)
  • With a mighty swing, Jorn cleaved off one of the boar's legs making it collapse to the ground. Enraged, the boar smashed Jorn into the nearest tree with a swift turn of its head. Jorn got up from the ground and looked at the writhing helpless boar. He raised his axe to end its misery. But then he noticed something. A deep gash in the side of its neck. This was the same boar Jorn had killed hours before. Maybe the flaming beast that had wrecked his village was another animal that had fallen victim to this fiery necromancy. Whatever that was causing this chaos in these lands- his home, must be stopped. And Jorn intended to do it.
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    Jorn realized that his quest for the tiger had become irrelevant. The only way to stop this chaos was to find whoever was turning these corpses into fiery abominations. However, Jorn knew that whoever was doing this was much more powerful than himself. So he decided to recruit the help of a friend. But first, he would need transportation.

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    However, as Jorn Rode, he was suddenly thrown forward as his steed collapsed with a loud cry. In its side, an arrow had bore its way into the horse and the creature was quickly dying. After all life had been lost from the steed, its skin began to turn black, almost as if rotting. However, this was no normal rot, it was ash. The inside of the creature began to glow a warm yellow before exploding into a bright red. The ground around it quickly turned to ash and rubble as the steed rose up with a new fiery life. Jorn slowly began to back away from the fiery monstrosity, knowing what this creature lacked in physical strength (at least compared to a tiger and a large boar), it could easily make up in speed.
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    Jorn raised his axe and crouched, ready for whatever the horse did next. But the horse did not attack, it just stood there staring off into the distance. Jorn crept backwards into the bushes and watched. He saw that the arrow was lodged into its left side. That means that the archer had been somewhere to his left. Jorn looked out across the field and over at a nearby town. Then he saw it. The town bell tower. He looked closer and thought he could make out the figure of a person standing on the tower. Jorn realized that this was his chance to catch the culprit that murdered his family. He let out a harsh cry and started charging across the field, dodging incoming arrows as he ran.

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    Jorn reached the bell tower, he was too late, the figure had left the scene. His body coursing with frustration, Jorn looked at his surroundings. This was a simple village with simple people. There was a crowd of people surrounding him. A man walked forward, dagger drawn, and asked what he was doing here. Jorn told them of his tale. As he finished up, a young man and woman walked up and said they would like to come. They were twins and introduced themselves as Tina and Ferrell. Reluctantly, Jorn agreed. Delighted, Tina said he could stay in their house for the night. They would leave at daybreak.
  • Jorn was standing in a clearing. He was alone, and darkness had settled around him like a blanket smothering a light. The trees, and the grass beneath him, swam before his eyes like he was observing them through a facade of water. Then there was a flash of light, and a figure appeared, if it could be called that. It was more of an amalgamation of souls, corpses and broken hope, all held together by some ungodly host. "You're too late..." it said, and stepped forward. "You're too LATE!" It sent a series of dark tendrils arching forward at his chest. He screamed, and his body was being torn apart, and it hurt, oh, yes it hurt, it hurt so much, and...and...And he woke up.
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    Jorn jumped up and grabbed his axe from beside his bed. It was midnight. When he realized it was a dream, he put down his axe and fell back down, trying, but failing, to get back to sleep. Finally, as the sun started to rise, he decided to take a walk. Just as he left the small house, though, he saw an old man, sitting down with a large orb.
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    "Young man, I saw you yesterday and was interested by your tale. I may have the answers you seek. I have been blessed with the ability to interpret the dreams of others. Based on the yelp that erupted from the cottage you are staying at, I'd assume you had one. Tell me of your dream and I will tell you what it shows. Although, I should warn you, my abilities come at a price, for after I interpret, any destiny that dream may tell of is final. Leave your visions ambiguous, though, and your destiny lies victim to whatever choices you make. Would you like to finalize your destiny or leave it malleable, for better or worse?" the man offered.

    Jorn was stricken with surprise by the offer. Was this man telling the truth? What if what he saw could tell of how his quest would turn? Then, he remembered the words of the being from his dream: "you're too late!" What was he too late to do? Too late to find his wife alive? Too late to catch the perpetrator of the attacks? Too late to save other villages from these beasts and their accursed Crimson Touch? If he agreed to the offer, he would know for sure which of these he was too late for. However, maybe he could change all of this by leaving his destiny to him. But, what if he screwed up and lost everything? Was it better to guarantee he would only loose one thing dear to him or risk loosing it all?

    "I... I..." Jorn stammered, trying to choose, "I think I'll leave my destiny to a fate unseen, regardless of the rewards or pains it could bring me."

    "As you wish," the man spoke with a nod, "be as free as a leaf, floating in the air after fluttering off of the tree of certainty."

    Jorn nodded and began to walk away, but looked back when he realized he had forgotten to thank the man for the offer; even though he had not accepted, it was still common courtesy to thank someone for an opportunity as potentially titanic as the one the man had given. Though, when he did, he found the man had disappeared and a flock of ravens had descended to feed on the rotten carcass of a dead bird, apparently not chosen to fall victim to the Crimson Touch's flaming necromancy.

    Current Talley of card rarities for the Set
    Common: 4/101
    Uncommon: 8/80
    Rare: 3/53
    Mythic: 1/15
    Basic Lands: 0/15
    Total: 16/264
  • Jorn turned around and was about to leave when he heard a voice calling out behind him.
    "Wait!" It was Ferrell "I heard you leave, let me come with you. You promised!"
    "Fine what about your sister"
    "She's still sleeping, but I left a note; let's go."
    "But..." Jorn started, but Ferrell was already strolling off. Jorn followed. He thought it was strange that Ferrell wanted to come so much, and that he wanted to abandon his sister. Whatever Ferrell's motives were this wasn't the time to question him. Right now he needed all the help he could get to find this foe.
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    "Jorn! Hurry up!" Ferrell shouted. Ferrell wasn't taking no for an answer anymore, and he especially didn't like waiting. It was almost as if he'd turn on Jorn at any minute.

    "Calm down, I'm coming, I'm coming..." Jorn wheezed his way up the hill, panting with every step. The mountains Jorn and Ferrell have been climbing were treacherous.

    At the top of the hill, Ferrell looked at the sky. "Seems to be a storm approaching," he commented.
    Jorn stopped. "What?" he asked.
    Ferrell nodded at him. "Over there."
    Jorn looked to where he was pointing and froze. There was a storm alright, but it wasn't natural. The clouds were too low to the ground, lightning crashing down too soon after one another, and rain slashing down faster than any hurricane. But what made this storm different was the creature standing in the middle. Like a tornado, standing in it's own personal storm, was a giant creature, resembling a giant cat. It gestured at the clouds, and thunder cracked loudly.

    "Yeesh, what a storm!" Ferrell had to shout over the noise.

    Ferrell didn't seem to realize the creature. Apparently he didn't have the powers Jorn had been born with. But it was too late to worry about that now. Hefting his axe over his shoulder, he charged down into the valley, ignoring the screams of his new friend behind him. As the creature rose to meet him, regret flashed in Jorn's eyes as he analyzed the great beast's power.
  • Jorn realized that it was too late to turn back now. The beast met his eyes, and he knew that the goliath would destroy him. He had no chance. He may as well try, though. As he charged the beast, it slammed its enormous fist in front of him, but Jorn sidestepped and dodged it. He ran up to it's leg, and hacked into the limb with his ax. The beast looked down, noticing the small slit in it's leg. It moved its foot back, and quickly brought it forward, kicking Jorn into a nearby tree. Jorn looked up, and saw a green being, a dryad, walking up to the beast. It held out its hand, and trees quickly rose from the ground, wrapping around the beast. It easily broke through the trees, but more and more kept on growing. The beast was soon overwhelmed, and struggling against its new bonds. The dryad turned to Jorn, and looked at him. "Hello" She said. "My name is Elaque"

  • Elaque walked towards Jorn slowly and saw how scratched up he was. She waved her hand along the ground, and a small plant instantly sprouted. She rubbed this plant on her hands and touched Jorn's face. The scar closed back up. "Come with me." She said is a slow, soothing voice. Jorn began to walk, but suddenly remembered Ferrell. He yelled for him, and heard something back. It was too far away to discern it, but they ran towards that direction. They passed the fallen beast, and it let out a soft moan. Then, the ground rumbled, and a the head of a much larger, angry looking beast popped out.
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    The beast's plans for revenge were brought to an end shortly after, a low and ancient voice rumbled, "I don't think so, you will settle down and behave cat or I will put you in your place. Behind the cat, from the direction the Elaque had came from in fact, was a peculiar wolf white at the front and turning to plant life the rest of the way. "Those are not the ones causing this mess, and therefore you will not kill them nor harm them."

    After moment of hesitation, the Storm Goliath sunk back down into the ground where it had been put. The wolf seemed to be satisfied with this and bound over to catch up with the human and dryad.
  • "Who are you?" Asked Jorn. The wolf walked up to him and said in its low, genderless voice "I am the forest in which you stand."
    "Can you help me?" Asked Jorn. "I'm looking for the person who burned my village."
    "Yes, I know." Said the wolf, "We call him the Crimson Arrow."
    "Can you help?"
    "No but I know someone who might." "But first let's retrieve your friend."

    Jorn, Elaque, Ferrell, and the wolf set off back towards the mountains where Jorn had encountered the flaming boar. As the days went by the wolf listened to the animals for any sign that the Arrow had once again attacked, but heard nothing. Maybe he was planning something. On the third day they finally reached the mountain. After a hike half way up they encountered a woman dancing in a pool of lava. The wolf approached her. Jorn assumed she was who they had been looking for. He heard the wolf ask if she could help stop the Crimson Arrow.
    "I can. In fact, I know him."

  • guys, not to be bossy,but perhaps we could tone down on the mythics, ya know, cause we still have like a hundred commons and uncommons to do.
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    I agree, I didn't expect my one mythic to suddenly make everyone think it was okay to make a whole bunch of them.
    I put the ratios for card card rarities in this set for a reason.
    Though, for the record, I do think the kit of abilities in the walker are pretty balanced and even somewhat unique.
  • "There are ways you can defeat him, but first, training is in order. Obviously, you two are never going to defeat the Crimson Arrow alone. So..."
    A loud shout echoed from across the mountain, high-pitched and almost like a squeal. Ferrell gasped. It was Erethen, Ferrell's sister! The two ran toward each other and hugged.
    "Oh my gosh, are you okay? I saw your note, but I could never let my brother alone!"
    Jorn coughed, then grunted.
    Erethen fumbled for words. "Uh, uh....yeah, you had him, I suppose..."
    Moltra butted in. "Listen, fools, we don't have time for chit-chat. The Crimson Arrow is extremely dangerous and there can be no distractions."
    The wolf eyed Moltra suspiciously, but relented. "Sorry, but save the reunions for later."
    Erethen and Ferrell broke apart, tears glistening in their eyes. They turned to face back toward Moltra.
    "Now, obviously training needs to be implemented. You cannot first defeat the Crimson Arrow with only your weapons. Skill, cunning, and strength are needed. So, why don't the siblings here follow the wolf into the forest, and I'll..."
    Moltra paused, looking at Jorn with a curious yet malicious look. "I'll talk to you alone."
    (Yes, I know, bad card art.)
  • Jorn, after agreeing to talk alone later, entered the forest after the wolf. "The Crimson Arrow has infected me and my beauty with a dark being. I am at times an uncontrollable beast because I lose myself in the voices and torment caused by this being," began Moltra. "Might I ask what kind of Being," responded Jorn with slight hesitance. The wolf looked into Jorn's eyes, seemingly peering into his soul. "A Woodblood being. A Vampire with resistance to light and a thirst for tree sap." "What's so bad about a vampire with a thirst for tree's sap?" "Because it turns the wood against me. It sickens the trees with a form of madness, but as the trees go insane, so do I. It is the one thing tying me to immortality, MORTAL," Replied the wolf with great emphasis on her final word. Jorn began to laugh gently, but was interrupted because the wolf had suddenly halted and was sniffing the air. "I smell it," the wolf whispered. Out of the shadows of a nearby tree stooped a tall woman, "And I smell you," she cried in excitement. Then she lunged out of the shadows, teeth bared.
  • @Arceus8523 @littledemon There have been only three mythics so far, but I agree we should focus on commons and uncommons. I haven't made any commons yet, so I'll get to work on that.
  • @Silumgar915 the card isn't linked right, or the picture does not show. Please Change!
  • I'd put something up, but I've been a but confused about what's happened in the story since Elaque showed up. I mean, it seems like we're adding a bunch of characters (including a planeswalker who needs to have very fleshed out lore by the time the story is over) out of nowhere all of a sudden and I'm kind of lost in terms of the current setting.
  • Yeah, the story added too many characters too fast.
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