Earthrealm Block

Joseph's worst fears came true, and just as he thought things couldn't get worse, they did. Joseph and his squad are now stranded upon Earthrealm with no spaceships to transport them, no Spark Gadget connections and a destroyed Hyperbase on their hands. Left with nothing to do, they have established contact with several allies, but they are afraid it's too late...

The Factions of Earthrealm (so far):

Hyperbase: Joseph roams Earthrealm with what is left of his squad. Despite tragic losses, the army's moral still remains the same. Often they use cunning to defeat their opponents and avoid battle. Joseph has ridden his body of dark power, even though he still uses some necromancy when times are tough. This faction's colors are white and blue with some red and a splash of black.

Cannibals: Maxis was also stranded upon Earthrealm with what few supporters he had. Out of desperation, his clan went from dark to morbid. They originally craved bloodshed, but now they crave blood and flesh, eating survivors that don't support them. They are ruthless bastards with no hearts and no brains. They like to charge into battle, collecting each man who dies, enemy or not, for the next meal. This faction's colors are red and black.

Survivors: What few people remain on Earth either join a faction or band together themselves. The few leftover civilians are the pride of the human species, the champions of the Earth. They walk, only fighting those who threaten them; however, when they do fight, no one except them lives. This faction's colors are red and white, with blue and black sparingly splashed in.

Nature: Nature is taking back what it has given. Beasts and powerful creatures are rising up, killing the humans everywhere. Nature has not been affected so much by the disaster, and some creatures have even adapted to these harsh conditions. Nature has some human supporters, those who feel that this reclamation is God's revenge against those who ruined the Earth. Nature's colors are green and red with some black and white.

Joshulandria: Joshulandria is the first faction called to aid the Hyperbase faction on Earthrealm. With it's long history of aid of peace, as well as their technology, which is superior compared to what is left of Hyperbase technology, Joshulandria has sent it's entire fleet to aid Joseph's squad, which is being stationed on the Faction's newest prototype vessel. Joshulandria often uses a cunning yet graceful blitzkrieg approach to warfare, similar to the Hyperbase before its downfall. They also like to keep their opponents from ever making a move in the first place, avoiding a conflict altogether. However, their massive developments have come at a drastic demand for resources, which can only be met by a drastic increase in production, which is impossible, since their technology is too demanding. When they are able to meet this demand, though, nothing stands in their way. Joshulandria's faction uses black, white, and blue with a splash of red.

The Earthrealm set is a collaborative project led by me, JBYT_LoadedTommy, with assistance for Elektronikcraft. The set will be semi-open to others to join, and they will be able to lend aid (or raise hell) as part of their own faction. If you want to join the project, contact me on the official page, JBYT_EarthRealm, and give me a way to contact you.

(Note: By joining my set, you agree to make only cards that pertain to the set. If I feel a card does not fit into the set, I may delete it, and if I find that you are preforming intolerable actions, I will have the password of the account changed, and you will lose access. If I discover you have given out the password to others, you will have your access denied immediately!)


  • The JBYT_EarthRealm page is now open! Feel free to ask if you want to join my collaborative set!
  • We are open for members! Note that you do not need to make your own faction if you join, but you can. And, if you want to, you have my permission to have other sets invade mine!

    (For instance, a group notorious for ravaging a plane can come to Earthrealm and ravage it!)
  • Lastly, the lore of the set, as well as Earthrealm's final fate, could rest in the hands of the cards created!
  • New Faction: Zypher's Clan

    Zypher is a cunning mage skilled in the use of artifacts, enchantments, and planeswalkers, as well as other spells. He dwelled in a part of the aether known as the Tear, waiting to find a plane to call his own. Soon he came across Earthrealm, and decided to take it over as a home for his clan.
  • New Faction: Eldrazi
  • Status update:

    After his group turned to cannibalism and extreme measures, Maxis has stepped down and left the Nigheto. Kiga now rules the Nigheto clan.
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