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    Oh @TheCenterOfTheUniverse trust me, @Dechujoh64 and I have been telling @TemurGideon that it should have numbers already lol.
  • @TheCenterOfTheUniverse - Just think of it going down like this...

    @sorinjace - "Dude, that should have numbers."
    @Dechujoh64 - "Yeah, dude... Numbers."
    @TemurGideon - " Dudes... I like it this way, shut up."
    Then there is some scuffling as a small skirmish ensues, and then, out of the dust...

    @Dechujoh64 - "Dudes! Stop messing up my hat and put the numbers on it already!"

    At least, that's what I just imagined it went down like.

  • @Corwinnn you are not too far off. >w< jk
  • @Corwinnn he's still wearing the hat.
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    @Corwinnn did @TenebrisNemo grant you the custom mechanic Sight? Because thats actually freaky scary how close it was to what actually happened! Lol.
  • LoL - As soon as I read it, the whole scene just flashed before me, and I thought... that seems accurate.
  • @TemurGideon has humor just like @Lastjustice hes the king of bad puns around here.
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    ( @Corwinnn has spies everywhere...the trees have squirrel eyes!!!)
  • Lol @TemurGideon is asleep already i think otherwise hed say something funny here back to ya @Lastjustice.
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    @TemurGideon calm ya self, and the numbered variant will allow more freedom to the ability. It is an amazing ability, wouldn't you want it to be better?
  • No. I want it to be a gamble, a risk. That's why it says UP TO.
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    I don’t have a card for this mechanic, but I thought it’d be a cool one:
    Sluggish (during combat, your opponent assigns blockers to this creature last.)
  • I have two new mechanics I needed to add to the Mechanics Encyclopedia.



    This ability has a lot of possibilities to it. It can be payed either while the card is in your hand, on the battlefield (as long as it's under your control) or while it's in your graveyard.)



    This idea I think I've had it in my head for some time now, I just hadn't played around with it too much, that is, until tonight. I got the idea from Exalted that already exists in magic. I wanted to do an opposite of exalted, then realized that was waaaaayyyy too powerful, no one would have any fun and no one would want to attack you. So, I tweaked and tweaked and then tweaked some more with the idea, until I came up with restrictions on the idea itself. I believe this is also catering to what already exists in magic with it's restriction of another creature attacking you having to be of a power of 4 or greater. This is a great defensive ability, so why not introduce it on a creature that mimics one of my favorite creatures in the game, sublime archangel! Anyways, feel free to use these mechanics as you would like on cards you create guys.
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