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    Barrage N (During combat, if this permanent is not declared as an attacker or defender, you may tap it. If you do, it deal N damage to target attacking or blocking creature.)
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    I apologize if this is already something someone created. But I think this could be found primarily in W, but I can see U and B getting some love from it. Let me know what you think. I might have it phrased wrong in the reminder text too, so correct me if need be.

    Retain (When this card enters the battlefield and was cast from your hand, you may exile it. If you do, you may cast it from exile for Edit:"[CMC - 2 Generic mana]" at any time you could cast an instant.)

    ( Card example does not reflect the edits)

    My Example:
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    Occupy (Gain control of target land defending player controls until end of turn. Untap it.)

    It works like Investigate. It can be trigger, an ability on a sorcery/instant or an activated ability.

    Almost exclusively a red ability but could be a bend in green or black.
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    Invade N (When this creature enters the battlefield, create N 1/2 [Color of choice] Soldier creature tokens with "At the beginning of your upkeep, this creature deals 1 damage to you." under target opponents control.)

    I could primarily see this in B and R but i'm sure W & G could be suitable as well.
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    Call To Victory— {Time, if applicable}If you control no non{Type}, nonland permanents, {Effect}.
    If you have only one card type in play, stuff happens.
    Note: If the card is a permanent, it says other cards.
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    I have yet to see something involving this, so i feel i should see what others think.

    Noble - (As long as you control another creature without noble, at the beginning of your upkeep gain [one energy]).

    Noble is a keyword for all colors, and can be used as a means of gaining a stash of personal currency.

    Along side that, it relies on controlling at least another creature without noble. Think of it as the noble owning land and the other creature is the one doing all the work. Most creatures with Noble would be fairly weak p/t wise, but could have some heavy energy cost abilities.

    In the end, i wish there was another form of personal counter that had an icon and could be used, i don't really like how energy counters look on cards, and would probably prefer a coin rather. If they had experience counter icons, and we were able to spend them like energy that'd be perfect.
  • @Norzael I like the idea. I agree, there needs to be another counter with a special symbol to put on cards.

    Here is an updated version of one of my old abilities Darkside Spirit:
    Force Spirit (When this creature dies, it becomes an Aura Enchantment enchanted on target Sith or Jedi you control. When enchanted creature dies, exile this card.)
  • One With the Force - If there are 3 or more Force cards in your graveyard, [effect].

  • Here is a new ability I created for The Roleplay Episode Contest

    Absolute monarchy - As long as you have the highest life total and are the monarch, (...)
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    Divinity (Whenever [condition], create a colorless Treasure artifact token.)

    This mechanic is meant to represent the offerings the gods receive from their followers.
  • Meditate (Whenever this creature attacks, you may exile it and all Auras attached to it. At the beginning of your next combat step, return that card to the battlefield under your control tapped and attacking. Return the other cards exiled this way to the battlefield under its owner's control attached to that creature.)

    Spellbook - If you cast two or more spells this turn...


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    Recharge N means "At the beginning of your upkeep, if this permanent has less than N charge counters on it, put a charge counter on it."

    Recharge N—[effect] means "At the beginning of your upkeep, if this permanent has less than N charge counters on it, put a charge counter on it. Then if it has N or more charge counters on it, remove all charge counters from it, then [effect]."


  • @SammySammyson
    Love Recharge, it is very intuitive; however, I think it should stop at "At the beginning of your upkeep, if this permanent has less than N charge counters on it, put a charge counter on it."

    Maybe I'm just saying it because i like shorter reminder texts, idk, do you mind if I create a card with it and use that reminder instead?
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    The first part of it states that. Recharge N means that, but Recharge N—[effect] has that other text.

    At least for my sake, I thought it would be more convenient to have that last one if you want it to automatically trigger versus, including "Remove N charge counters from ~: [effect]" or "Whenever ~ has N or more charge counters on it, remove all charge counters from it, then [effect]" on new lines. That way you have more room to develop more on the card if need be (if reminder text is excluded, i.e. after the first set of its release or, as I did with Skyshooter Cannon, putting that text in the comments).

    But maybe it does just make more sense to have that, then follow up with either of those other abilities.

    And of course—feel free to use it anytime you'd like :D
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    Here is a little historic-like mechanic:

    ...meek creatures... (Creatures with power 2 or less are meek.)

    i.e. "Put a +1/+1 on each meek creature you control. (Creatures with power 2 or less are meek.)"

    Just a simple mechanic that white would like. Could make cards like Mentor of the Meek a little more compact is all.
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    Here's a mechanic i came up with:
    Predator (at the beginning of each combat, this creature gets your choice of trample or deathtouch.)
  • Introducing Fated, a keyword triggered effect similar to, say, Raid or Bestow. Fated works like this:

    Whenever you scry-effect

  • Now I know I have seen this used in someone's post in a different manner, but I could not find a post on this discussion so I apologize for re-using the name.

    Labor N (Tap N untapped creatures you control)

    This works similar to crew. Labor has a cost that can only be paid by tapping untapped creatures.

    The cards that use Labor have effects based off of when the cost is fulfilled.

    image image image

    Here i have started with an artifact type i dubbed as a mine. And creatures can also interact with specific artifacts with the keyword ability: Labor. So in this case, I have miners who have special interactions with mines. The possibilities are about endless in my opinion. If you're more of a book worm, you could have libraries with scholars who could labor them, or a Fort with Soldiers to labor.

    I feel resources can be anything and everything you control. So here I am using creatures as an additional resource towards versatility in games.
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    Friendly Aid, or potentially Stand Down. Stand Down fits the flavor of my card more (it's for the Colonisers series), and would likely pitch the mechanic to Boros colors most. Friendly Aid, flavorfully, seems more Jeskai colors overall. Primarily Azorius in that case, and probably rarely monored (it's quite the opposite of aggressive). Still fits heavily into monowhite and Boros. Thoughts?

    "As an additional cost to cast this spell, tap N untapped creatures you control."

    As an example:

  • Corrupt X (during combat, any creature blocking or blocked by this creature gets -X/-X)

    Havoc X (when [this permanent-insert name] enters the battlefield, deal X damage to each creature.)

    corrupt is basically the reverse of bushido, while havoc is more or less capitalizing on sawtooth tyranosaur's effect
  • For legendary equipment with a creature type

    Relic (This can be your commander. You can have two commanders as long as they share a creature type and at least one has Relic.)
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    Disfigure N (If this creature has no -1/-1 counters on it, put N -1/-1 counters on it.)

    It's adapt, but with -1/-1 counters. Found in BGU. Primarily BU.

    This is one example that I whipped up very quickly (literally in like 5 minutes), and need to clean up and make...better. I also...messed up its casting cost. EDIT: Aight, it's changed up to be a more functional card UwU

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    Victory (Enchantment subtype)
    Victories begin play in your hand. They have higher mana cost that normal, and don't get discarded when you mulligan.
    Victories can be cast whenever you can cast a sorcery. They are enchantments.
    (Treat this card as an Enchantment-Victory.)
  • @KorandAngels

    correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the only thing that separates a Conspiracy from an Enchantment is the fact that it's in the command zone? If you're going to make an entirely new card type, then have it go into the command zone to represent a removal from battlefield effects, or just use the enchantment card type with a victory subtype to represent the stick-in-hand effect.
  • @stormbreath Actually, that makes sense.
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    Ok, I Might not use this, but I have an idea for a "Migrate" mechanic that might look like this as an activated ability:
    (Sacrifice a land, then search your library for a basic land card. put it into play under your control.)
    To represent nomads moving from one place to another. The nomads leave one land and enter the other.
    Anyone have feedback?
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    @KorandAngels I could see this actually being really powerful in certain situations. Very specific though.

    The only question i have before giving more feedback is, would this ability have an N tied to it? Or is it always just one?

    Ex. 2, T: Migrate 1
    Ex. 2, T: Migrate
  • It would be only one. Thanks.
  • @KorandAngels have you thought of landfall combos with this?
  • @KorandAngels @Bowler218

    Keeping it at one is great. And I was thinking the same thing Bowler. Especially with the use of sacrificing a tapped land to bring in an untapped land. I know it's not that big of a trade, but with landfall it can be a great addition
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