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  • @Bowler218 Yes, but I don't plan on making them. The mechanic is for the faction I'm planning for Colonisers: Season 5.
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    Here's a card that I have that uses it:
    (Note that you only get Basic lands out of the deal.)
  • @KorandAngels even if you don't print any migrate/landfall cards, imagine if that card that you posted was a legal commander. That would be a meta-changer because landfall was mostly those colors
  • So were Nomad cards.
  • Deter is a custom mechanic to reduce base power to 0 until end of turn.

    image image image image image
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    I don't know if this exists as an ability word or not, but here's one:

    Overpower — If [blank] has converted mana cost N or less...

    Example (a card that was made for Nobody Likes Counterspells by @KorandAngels):

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    Also, an updated version of Sunburst on nonpermanent spells could be interesting. It might not be useful for much other than flavor. In my below example, it could just say "Create a 3/3 green Beast creature token for each color of mana spent to pay this spell's costs." Of course, that could change its interactions slightly, as some cards care about the color of spells.


    Forest's Call

    Sunburst (This spell is each color of mana spent to pay its costs.)

    Create a 3/3 green Beast creature token for each color this spell is.
  • Pacifist (This creature cannot attack or block)
  • Supreme Deity - (When this spell resolves, choose a creature you control. If you don't have a Supreme Deity, that creature becomes your Supreme Deity.)

    The intended effect is that the creature become a God, and has an enchantment effect, the example below is a work in progress but it serves its purpose


    If you want to know more about this mechanic, I implore you to peruse this Google Doc I made, it also includes info about the plane I am making.
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    - Informant — Whenever you draw your second card each turn, [Effect].
    Just a name for an unnamed mechanic in Throne of Eldraine.

    - Epiphanize N (Look at the bottom N cards of your library, then put any number of them on the top of your library and the rest on bottom in any order.)
    - Epiphanize (Look at the bottom card of your library. You may put that card on top of your library.)
    Think of epiphanize as scrying from the bottom, 'cause that's what it is. Try pulling ideas from the back of your mind instead of the front!

    - Hallowed (This card can't be the target of spells or abilities while it is in the graveyard.)
    Meant to be paired with a minor beneficial effect for the card being in the graveyard.

    - Sleepwalk (This creature can block while tapped. If it would die during the turn it blocks this way, exile it instead.)
    A means to give creatures with tap abilities a touch more utility, but at a cost.

    - Submission [Cost] (When this creature attacks, you may pay [Cost]. If you do, tap target creature defending player controls.)
    A simple representation of one creature holding sway over another, but not enough to constitute mind control. Easily paired with abilities that trigger when a creature deals combat damage or isn't blocked.

    - Bless (When this creature enters the battlefield, put a fate counter on another target creature. That creature becomes blessed.)
    A means to grant the underused fate counter using a designation similar to monstrous. Paired with spells and abilities that care about "blessed creatures" or fate counters. Speaking of which...

    - Fated N (As an additional cost, you may remove N fate counters from among permanents you control.)
    An additional cost, much like kicker, that cares about fate counters. Like kicker, it grants alternate or enhanced effects to the spell.

    - Destined N (This creature enters the battlefield with N fate counters on it.)
    A way to bake fate counters right into a creature as opposed to placing them via an external source. Paired with abilities that remove fate counters as a cost.

    - Legacy (When this creature dies, create a token copy of it, except it's an Aura permanent with enchant creature and no mana cost.)
    A twist on the bestow ability for enchantment creatures, instead relying on death as a trigger.

    - Underdog — If an opponent controls more creatures than you, [Effect].
    A way to benefit from being behind on board state.

    - Extract (When this creature enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice a land.)
    A variant of exploit in which you sacrifice a land instead of a creature. This mechanic was made for a challenge to design cards for the color purple. For those unaware, WotC playtested an additional color in Planar Chaos to emphasize the alternate reality vibe for the set.

    And an example for each in the above listed order:
    image image image image
    image image image image
    image image image
  • Last Chance (When this card enters the graveyard from anywhere for the first time each turn, exile it, you may cast it until end of turn.)

    I wanted a mechanic that could create dramatic scenarios and finishers without having to be 7+ CMC, I still think it can be improved, but feel free to experiment with it.
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    This creature wanders (Reveal the top card of your library. If It is a land card, draw a card.)

    Two noticeable things:
    •I love explore but the reminder text Is INSANELY long, I hate that. I think reminder text should always be less than 3 lines if possible.
    •I chose to make it a draw a card effect because it saves space AND It Is more interactive than "put It into your hand". It triggers underworld dreams, lorescale coatl, etc.
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    This ability adds a space for holding captured creatures, much like the energy reserve in Kaladesh.

    Capture target creature (Exile targeted creature facedown into your Brig.)

    Text for the Brig:
    "Whenever you would be dealt combat damage by a creature, that creatures controller may return a random creature from your Brig to the battlefield under its owners control instead. Doing so does not activate any 'enter the battlefield abilities' that effect anything other than the returned creature."
  • Ascension (Whenever this creature would leave the battlefield, if your devotion to [Color] is greater than 5, transform this creature instead.)

    Represents a heroic individual transcending their mortal body to become a god (Theros Type).
  • Deluge, Chaín or Concatenate. Still not sure wich name to use.
    (When you cast this spell, reveal the top card of your library, if It has converted mana cost lower than this spell, you may cast it without paying it's mana cost)


    (When you cast this spell, reveal the top card of your library, if It has converted mana cost lower than this spell, you may cast it without paying it's mana cost. That spell gains Deluge.)

    I don't want to do an strictly worse Cascade but It might be necessary.
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    I've made some custom mechanics, but sadly not very many...

    Submerge {Cost} - {Cost} Exile this creature, then return it to the battlefield under it's owners control, it gains haste until end of turn.

    Unkillable - Whenever {Name} would be put into a graveyard form anywhere, instead put it into your hand.

    Here are a few that I made for Star Wars.

    Force Push {Cost} - {Cost} Tap target creature, that creature doesn't untap during it's controllers next untap step, activate this ability only up to three times each turn.

    Force Jump {Cost} - {Cost} {Name} get's +1/+1 and gains Reach until end of turn.

    Meditate {Cost} - {Cost} Look at the top four cards of your library, put them back in any order.

    Here are a couple I made for The Wheel of Time

    Saidin {Cost} - {Cost} Choose one, This creature deals 3 damage to any target, or Draw 2 cards you lose 2 life.

    Saidar {Cost} - {Cost} Choose one, Regenerate another target creature, or Tap target creature, that creature doesn't untap during it's controllers next untap step.

    I made these two for The Princess Bride.

    Swordsmanship - Whenever {Name} becomes blocked by a creature without Swordsmanship, that creature gets -2/-1 until end of turn.

    Sneak-attack {Cost} - {Cost} {Name} can't be blocked by creature with greater power until end of turn.

    I made these for unglued cards... their kinda stupid.

    Flatter N - Whenever {Name} attacks, target creature an opponent controls gets +N/+N until end of turn.

    Beauty Sleep {Cost} - {Cost}{tap} Exile {Name} Return it to the battlefield at the beginning of your next end step with four +1/+1 counters on it.

    Macaroni - Whenever this creature becomes tapped, you may say "Macaroni" if you do, grab target card form a random stack, and put it into your hand.

    If I ever make more, I will edit this post ;)
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