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Double Contest - Partner Commanders!

Hi, it's Llamalord44! This is sort of a part two to my four colored commander challenge. There are two simple ways to enter-

1. Make a set of two two-colored commanders of DIFFERENT COLORS. They must be synergistic.

2. Make a set of two two-colored commanders of the following mixes of colors that would fit in a commander deck with the following cards, which are the winners of the first contest -

1. The Rosewood Gang by @cgannon - w/b and r/g

2. Minati, Hidden Council by @barchae - w/u and b/r

3. Mal'Karian, Grudging Victor by @AustinSmith - b/r and g/w

4. Quideem, Case Justifier by @Faiths_Guide - u/b and r/w

Say IN YOUR ENTRY which part you are entering for (1 or 2), or your entry will not count. Anyways, sort of the same judging system as last time will be used, but it's a little different. What I will be looking at (Since I'm a gymnast, I'm used to a system of scoring where you start at a 10.00. You can get bonus points and deductions.) -

1. Are/is the artists'/artist's name(s) on them? (I screw up with this all the time actually, but still) If the artwork used has no author shown, put 'Author Not Found' or something like that so I know you checked - minus 0.5 if forgotten

2. Creativity - Lack of creativity can subtract up to 3.00 from your score, but can also get you up to 2.00 in bonus points!

3. Originality - If I can clearly see that one or both of the cards are based off of something else to an extreme point, you will get up to 2.50 off.

4. Balance - If the cards are not balanced and are too good or bad (don't worry, I won't be mean with this) I will take off up to 1.00

5. Synergy - The cards have to be synergistic with each other and, if you're doing part two, with the four-colored commander as well. The only catch to this is that I really don't like direct synergy. I want them to be good with the others, but in a unique way, rather than having practically the same abilities. This can get you up to 2.00 in bonus or 3.00 in deduction.

Good luck! Prizes will be announced with the winners on December 23rd!


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    Sort of entering into both halves; these synergize well with one another, and fit under Mal'Karian.

  • In that case @AustinSmith the entry is for Part 2
  • I'll enter, eventually.
  • Part 1.
    I screwed up originally... Derp. Porucian apparently as a twin... And another twin. Uracian is cool though.
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    Ugh... Porucian is a 4/4. Gosh darn cardsmith.
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    Here you go for second contest to go with Quideem, Cause Justifier


    Note: Quideem, Cause Justifier (Middle) is by @Faiths_Guide not me. It's there to show synergy.

    Edit: Hifdol should read whenever anon-token creature enters the battlefield...
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    Interesting concepts!

    However, @llamalord44 did specify Dimir ( {u}{b} ) and Boros ( {r}{w} ) to go along with Quideem...

    P.S. Partner should be listed last on the card, which in your case is beneficial for formatting anyways :D
  • @Faiths_Guide Oh.

    Well i guess i'll enter in the first part then. As for the partner thanks for next time but I won't change it for these two.
  • Also to be honest who ever actual plays straight U/W
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    Madra sweeps away all of the puny creatures that clutter up your opponents' boards while leaving the delicious big creatures for Quideem to steal intact. With options like False Cure/Tainted Remedy, Erebos, and Flames of the Blood Hand, the lifegain symmetry breaks pretty darn fast. The synergy with Quideem is obvious; you can donate Madra, take her back, and donate her again to Mizzium Mortars your opponent, and if you have Cure or Remedy, that might well kill them.

    Mala-Qi-Mesh has an obvious synergy with Quideem; take your opponents' commanders, sacrifice them, and dig for your combo pieces. Cruel, simple, and evasive. Plus, you can team up with opponents to get more cards.
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    Partner commanders working under Quideem:

    Yunyou is a Vedalken that was mysteriously transformed to a Chinese style plane (which I am currently building) from his homeland. Unable to find a way back home since he's not a planeswalker, he became desperate at first and then gradually learned to accept his fate. Joining a local religious sect, he adopted the name "Yunyou" (which means journeying) and becomes a traveling monk with the learned ability to teleport. Deep inside, he hopes that maybe, just maybe, one day his random journey will take him home.

    Nihlus is a mysterious figure - no one knows exactly where does he come from at all or how old he is. He seems to be a semi-planeswalker but somehow has a mutated spark that trapped him inside the void. Yet somehow the life magic he practiced before his ascension kept him alive in the void. He can only occasionally visits a plane when the plane is near enough to his position in the void, and can only stay for a few years before the spark transports him back to the void. It was hard for him, but thanks to his strange yet enduring mind he managed to prevail. Now he is a mentor for many young planeswalkers, teaching them the ways of traveling across the void, and taking tuition fees such as a part of their life to sustain himself, or their stories from the multiverse.

    Out of pure chance, Nihlus met Yunyou on his journey. The two shared their stories, and Nihlus vows to help Yunyou to return home, while secretly hoping to unlock the keys of Yunyou's planeswalk and to get a clue on how to fix his own spark. Together they travelled to an adjacent planes (like a parallel one) for clue. But then, they were involved into the battle of this mysterious women Quideem. Promising that she will help them, Quideem enlisted the two into her army.
  • @Kinojitsu_Asahi you feel into the same trap as me.

    " Quideem, Case Justifier by @Faiths_Guide - u/b and r/w

  • Ok, so white and blue, very controlish and black and red pure chaos, total opposites :D
    Will try and make that work...
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    For the first entry, but i used my two colors you gave me.
    Ok, I think i made it work, and gave them some synergy! :)
    Hope you like it!

    image image
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    @unicornsareevil13579 I run a straight W/U commander deck, and it's really powerful. Not as powerful as a Derevi prison deck, but I want to be able to keep my friends to play against in later games.

    Link to my Gwafa Hazid pillow fort decklist on tappedout:
  • @Beeswax
    Just curious, but why haven't you been using the neat (nicer looking IMO) split color borders lately?
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    -------Rakdos and Selesnya-------
    Mal'Karian, Grudging Victor

    Truly, Mal'Karian seems to be an amalgam of Orzhov and Golgari effects. However, as we've been asked in his particular case to create "Rakdos" and "Selesnyan" support for him, I begin to look at him carefully.

    I notice first that he appears in his imagery to be centaur in form at least, that in itself aligns most closely with those of Selesnya. He is also a warrior, which many of the Rakdos relate to. Also, couldn't his name be a hint as well? Mal, some Rakdos witch's acronym, and Karian, perhaps an elvish surname within the realm of Ravnica. Perhaps...Therefore, it is my opinion that Rakdos/Selesnya partners will be perfect for him.

    Here I submit two "halves" to prove my point:
    image image

    I will eventually discuss the synergies between the partners and Mal'Karian, but I think you'll get it before then.
  • @AustinSmith don't get me wrong every colour combo has it's downside. (Especially R/B which is what I run) But the problem I find with U/W is that most of the time it just acts like a nullifier (like tap target creature, bounce, or -X/-0 enchantments) or little birds with flying.
    But if it works for you go for it
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    @unicornsareevil13579 the examples you've given of W/U are the least powerful effects it has. Detain is much more powerful than tapping, bouncing an effective strategy if followed up by counterspells, and -X/-0 enchantments are for draft only; you'd never use them in constructed decks because of how flimsy they are. Plus if you're really that concerned about creatures, just use Holy Day effects.

    Don't underestimate flying tokens; Lingering Souls is an impactful card for a reason.

    The true strength of W/U is in counterspells, board control, and taxing effects (Render Silent, Supreme Verdict, and Ghostly Prison/Propaganda, respectively). It's the color pair best suited for solid control strategies.

    Sorry if this post is longer than it needs to be; I'm just defending my favorite color pair.
  • @AustinSmith no problem; I get it, I used to run WU enchantments. Might again.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    I just don't bother, in general. I don't have anything against them, I just don't think to do it and then it doesn't seem worth going back to change.
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    Second entry, this time for The Rosewood Gang (aka part 2):
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    Fair enough! :)
  • @AustinSmith I don't doubt for a minute that UW can win I just think all of those things you mentioned (Except white boardwipes) are quite bland. As for lingering souls i'd personally prefer Devils Playeground which I know is more but when sacrificed for a vampire allows for four 1 hit burns.
  • Appet received updates with critical input from @AustinSmith himself!
  • Alright partner commanders for Minati
  • Part 1 - hope it counts, technically they are only two cards.
    image image image
    Based on Chinese mythology.
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