Let's Planeswalk! A multiverse challenge

So. Let's pretend for a second that we are all planeswalkers, but that none of us are from earth. Could you display your homeplane with in a small set of cards? For this challenge, I want you to make a small, coherent set of cards that are all set on a plane that WoTC has never conceived of, much less visited. This plane constitutes as your entry, and you're only allowed one entry. (You can only have one homeplane after all.) Once you all have introduced me to your homeplanes, I will make a definitive list of the best planes. The person whose homeplane I like the most wins.

1st: 5 Favorites, a follow, and a trophy
2nd: 4 Favorites and a follow
3rd: 3 Favorites and the privilege to choose another Honourable Mention
Honourable Mention: 2 Favorite

Your entry has to be new for this contest.
No broken cards
No funny/uncards
Make your entry in the form of a set and link to that set.
(Log out before obtaining the link for the set.)
Please limit the number of planeswalkers on your plane. (Pet peeve.)

Judging criteria
37% Flavor
37% Cohesiveness
26% Creativity

Ends sometime in the future.



  • How big are the sets? And are old sets allowed?

    If so I'll enter: http://mtgcardsmith.com/user/AtheraCollaborationSet for @SuicidalDeity
    And this: http://mtgcardsmith.com/user/ForgottenDragons for @Noobsplaysgames
    I have 2 of my own sets under construction. And many more collaboration I'm working on.
  • @TrippleBoggey3 It has to be new for the contest, and if it's a collaboration, credit the other smiths. Also, you can't enter for other players.
  • Here's my entry!
    The plane is currently being taken over by Ob Nixilis's army of Demon Warriors. Additionally, there are a few crazy wizards out there. There's Moldrik, a wizard crazed by the art of mutation, he made the Poison Team. There's Lorachor, who makes deals with people in need, eventually screwing them over. Lastly, there's a mysterious man who created and studies/studied the manaborn that live in the forest. That's the gist of the plane!
  • How large must the sets be?
  • @IanLowenthal

    The maximum number of favorites a contest can have for the winner is 5.
  • @KimJongMartin When was that rule instated? I had one contest where I gave fifteen favorites to the winner.

    @TrippleBoggey3 As big as you like, but I recommend a somewhere around 20 cards to get across the flavor of the plane.
  • Here: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/4/mtg-cardsmith-forum-rules#latest

    In @MTGCardsmith 's exact words:

    Contest Prize Rules

    If you are rewarding a contest winner with Favorites or by Following their account please adhere to these guidelines:
    - 1 Follow per Member, no spoofing fake accounts for follows
    - Card favorites should be limited to a max of 5, again no spoofing accounts and no abusing the favorites system.
    - Token/Trophy cards are an excellent way to direct attention to the winner's card or profile. (Social sharing is also a great tool for adding recognition.)

    If you want your contest to have more enticing types of rewards for participants they must follow these rules:

    Physical Rewards:
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  • You're still using six favorites, if you don't mind me saying. ^ ^
  • It's not like anyone actually ever follows the rules... ahem...
  • @IanLowenthal, Must the cards in the set be new? And does it have to be proportional?
  • @TrippleBoggey3 The cards don't have to be new if they fit in the set well, but I do recommend at least some new cards to give the plane a unique flavor. The set has to be new.

    I don't know what you mean by "proportional".
  • @IanLowenthal, I've previously made sets for this kind of stuff.

    Proportional, like card numbers proportional to a normal set. 10 commons, 2 rares - 5 commons, 1 rare?
  • @TrippleBoggey3 It doesn't have to be proportional.
  • Well, it would be a Game of Thrones like setting. I'd be like the guy manipulating everyone, maybe like Littlefinger. http://mtgcardsmith.com/user/TrippleBoggey3/sets/12197
  • @TrippleBoggey3 I think WoTC has already visited Fiora. (That's the plane conspiracy takes place on.)
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    I have begun making cards for this contest, though it will take a while. The plane I've created is called Nittaalaq, Inuit for "falling snow" or "air thick with snow". This is the elevator pitch for the plane:

    "A plane of ice and beauty, where diverse civilisations and magical traditions find harmony in the cold. They are the stewards and protectors of Nittalaaq, fighting the dangerous emanations of incandescent leylines."

    Nittaalaq does not have lava. Instead, the core deep beneath the earth is made of liquid mana (of all colours). This, along with a distant sun, makes the plane eternally icy. However, the civilisations that live in Nittaalaq have adapted; they do not fear the cold.

    More importantly, the plane's mana core is so active that the races that dwell in it have to look after the leylines and other places of power and periodically deal with the wild magic therein. When a leyline or place of power accumulates too much mana, it bursts into a wild magic phenomenon, creating beasts, avatars and elementals, spawning terrible natural disasters and overall screwing magic in the area.

    Nittaalaq introduces the Wild supertype as a sort of philosophical opposite to the Snow supertype. Snow will represent the forces and magic of Nittaalaq's civilisations, while Wild will represent the plane's natural magic. Playing a Snow deck will involve deliberate decision-making and anticipating danger, while playing a Wild deck will involve random effects, quick thinking and adapting on the fly.

    I'll post a link to the set once I've reached an adequate number of cards.
  • Can I enter this? I made one of them for another contest and the rest for this contest.

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    @unicornsareevil13579 You can't make a set of a plane I know WoTC has visited or will visit.

    @ShadowKnight1224 Can't wait to see it!
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    My plane is one of an eternal struggle between creation and destruction. Green and white are creation and black and red are destruction. Both sides utilize land sacrifice, but have opposite mechanics (Raze and Nurture). Blue are the misfits, humans and creatures that don't belong, some support destruction and some support creation. The main forces at conflict are the spirits which influence the plants and animals on both sides.

    I will provide more details later once I think of them, but here are the two I made so far:


    The mechanics might be OP, so any suggestions are appreciated.
  • @Rednaxela Sounds like an interesting plane. The mechanics probably could be broken, (especially nurture) but I think they're fine. The mechanics do seem a bit like kicker knockoffs.
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    I think the set is ready for review. I'm definitely all ears when it comes to suggestions and feedback.


    There's a planeswalker and an associated card there, because I wanted to provide a positive, heroic example of Red/Black that still fit mechanically and flavour-wise (it doesn't necessarily represent me; I'm Temur). One of the core things about Nittaalaq is the colour cycle I designed (inspired by Kaladesh's aether cycle):

    Red inspires. It is Red that brings action and motivation to others, that is the first to act, that turns the tides when all feels lost.
    Black procures. Black does whatever it takes to get the power others need to fight the manasurges and keep the plane safe.
    Blue contains. Blue's focus is on damage control and de-escalation. Blue neutralises, freezes and locks down manasurges so that others can work unimpeded.
    White purifies. White is the colour that actually fixes the manasurges and cleanses the wild magic, creating peace out of chaos.
    Green mends. Every manasurge harms the land and its surroundings. Without Green, every victory is Pyrrhic at best. It is Green that brings harmony and mending to the world.

    @IanLowenthal If you think the themes of the plane are too split, I don't mind creating more cards to better illustrate the plane and its culture. I admit the Wild cards took up a lot of space and didn't do much when it came to shedding light on the plane's more flavourful aspects.
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    @IanLowenthal @ShadowKnight1224 Ok so what I want to do with the two factions is have creation sacrifice lands and destruction exile them from the graveyard. So following the theme of life, creation would bring them back from the graveyard. While following the theme of death and devastation, destruction puts them into the graveyard through sacrifice and from the library and then exiles them. So for Nurture I will change it to lands entering tapped and increase the cost. But for Raze maybe instead of land destruction, it searches the library for a land and puts it into the graveyard like:

    Defile [cost] (When you cast this spell you may pay [cost]. If you do, search your library for a basic land and put it into your graveyard.
  • @IanLowenthal, Not that much. Fiora wasn't really conspiracy in the first place. It was called conspiracy, but it didn't even feel Game of Thrones like. My set does.

    So is my set valid or not?
  • @Rednaxela : What's the goal of destruction? Why do they want to exile cards from the graveyard? What's the play experience you want a destruction player to have? What's their game plan?

    It's clearer in Creation: You want the players to sac lands for effects and then bring them back, basically adding a quirky step between "pay mana => get effect", which is actually relevant because the quirky step involves lands, which are the sources of mana, so there's a lot of nuance there for players to squeeze value out of.

    The problem with Destruction is that it seems to have a similar goal "exile lands => get effect?" but it isn't a cycle, like Creation, it doesn't feel as smooth and intuitive. I think Creation is more or less done, all you really need is a good mechanical balance in mana costs and effects, but otherwise you're set. What you should focus is on what you want Destruction to do in the game and what you want players to feel/do when they're playing Destruction.

    Hope this helps! :)
  • @ShadowKnight1224 Thanks a lot! I'll keep thinking about destruction
  • @TrippleBoggey3 Can you come up with an interesting name and story for your set so that it doesn't seem like a conspiracy knockoff? (BTW: The original conspiracies do feel game of thronesey.)
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    @ShadowKnight1224 Your link doesn't work. I suggest logging out of the website, then getting the link.
  • @IanLowenthal, Well, have you read the book? Anyways, I've been writing a story for it, but it is pretty long (AKA 20 pages). How much time do I get?
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