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Design the Dragon's Maze - Maze #2

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This is the Dragon's Maze, as you remember from Return to Ravnica Block. Now I here have an idea, a new one which has probably never been thought of before. Why don't each of you guys claim a room a design it. You can design the room as a land. You can design a creature or creatures as the guards, you can make it a boss dungeon by putting a legendary in there, and you can put artifacts as treasures, or enchantments as what's enchanting the room. You can make a treasure room, like @Corwinnn's. This is like an RPG, but it's also MTG.

The rules on how to play this rpg game is written here.

Examples and where the results will be posted are

To make a room, just claim a piece of land and make cards for it. The cards should have a similar theme.

Additional Rules:
-Do not overdo your room
-You can also claim corridors.
-If you want to claim a room, just tell me
-No more than 10 Room Claims per maze
-Old cards are allowed
-Ends when all rooms (and corridors are claimed)
-Permanents (Equipments) are what I want.
-Make your room unique!
-When this map is done, I will start a new round to add to the discussion above.

Currently, all lands are available for claims.

Prizes will be based on the number of entries.

Special thanks to @Corwinnn and @Tomigon who helped me develop the rules!


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