Lands of Arnamda set summary.

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The Land of Arnamda is a set, mainly focusing on Mesoamerica/South America ancient tribes. It is really more of a experimental set and not really like what Wizzards make. So far, I have no story for it other than a tribe named Kilkishdo. That is all I have so far. Expect more to come. :-)

So talk about some speculation on the set while you are in here.


  • Why don't you think about the mythology/society/culture of the Aztec/Inca/Maya tribes? they were all in that area and might provide story/flavor to the set.
  • Spears, obsidian swords, snakes lizards and birds for mythology, right? Pyramids......sacrifices.........*speculating*.........war between tribes? wait....thats Tribal Wars.... jk. Apocalypse?......*more speculating*......seers.....some sort of this giving you something to work with here?????????????
  • Each of the societies have a unique set of deities, but as with all religions, they're somewhat connected to each other; they all have a sky deity, for example. It could be interesting to set it as a conflict between different aspects of the same god; one group worships these five deities, the other worships those five, with suspiciously similar names. You get the drill. Anyway, just a thought.
  • Hmm... thank you all for the suggestions. Bring them up more.

    Sorry that I had been idle for long.
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    I know that Kilkishdo will be mainly on sacrificing along with war strategies like Stealth. And that their deities will be like what is known in the Mesoamerican / South American cultures, so Quetzalcoatl is a must.
  • ElGrimlock has some nice artwork you might use for this set. He's on DeviantArt
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    Nothing in there really interested me.
  • Well it was worth a shot! :D
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