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Dragon's Maze: Northgate - Part 1 of 3



Welcome to my newest Dragon's Maze contest for the set! This one is intended for all you harmless people, people who love peace and quiet, and for those savage trolls who love to mess stuff up. I'll explain this in a minute... But I'll link the other threads first.

Vault is here.
Discussion Thread is here.
Minimaps are here.
The other large contest is here.

How this Map will Work

Round 1:

Claim a place on the map. It could range from a palace to a house, from a temple to a store, anything. Make just 1 Legendary land based on it, with the same name on it, then post it here. You may make as many as you want.

Round 2. This will happen in a new thread:

Find an already made land. Make a human, or something, just some kind of merchant or just a Civilian for that place. It might be different if it's a palace or something.

Round 3. This will happen in a new thread:

Find something already done with all the original stuff. Add details, like the stuff the merchant sells, or a guard, or a treasure chest. Maybe a pet cat. Just this kind of stuff.

This is pretty simple.


End Date: Undecided
Prizes: Undecided


  • Long story short, all you do is make a legendary land of any place on the map.
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    G1 in the map, Irontown or IronGate

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    Claimed: Highcrowe Fields!

    Ever since the local mage was hired to help the scarecrows there have been...Fewer birds attacking crops, shall we say, and more bird corpses on the ground.

    The second one isn't an entry, just something to give you context, and a an example of a card that uses the same kind of tokens.

    Here are the tokens:


  • Morngate Harbour has been Claimed!

    Flavourly, less interesting than my last one. Those that keep guard over Northgate and keep the citizens in line have since given up on keeping Morngate a place of law: there are far too many rogues there, and so they were constantly overpowered whenever they tried. So, instead of keeping on trying, the law made an unusual pact with the rogues who spent their time in the port: you can break the law in there, but out, you'll spend time in gaol...


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    If it hasn't already been claimed, then here's Dead Man's Rock.

    The peninsula's primary "attraction", Black Keep Prison, grants its inhabitants the luxury of few armed guards. In fact, the prisoners are the only living souls inside the battered walls of the prison. Of course, the guards are simply respecting the boundaries of their fellow man. The treasonous rumors of the prison's history as a haven for a cult of necromancers are preposterous. After all, no skeptic has examined the prison's interior and returned claiming otherwise.

    EDIT: Updated to fix wording and balance issues!

  • @tastycheez

    That is really nice! You used to say your cards were unbalanced, but this cards seems amazing! Only problem is (well it's not really a problem) it has no Gate tribal, and I love Gate tribal... but yeah... that's not really a problem.


    HighCrowe Fields is really cool! Scarecrow tribal? Oh yeah!

    Morngate Harbor has no current balance problems, but if it were in a pirate set, it would be banned. It is pretty cool!


    The wording is a bit off. It should be "It's controller..." Also, it's kinda OP. I'd recommend "creates 2 2/2 black zombie creature tokens until end of turn.
  • @TrippleBoggey3
    I don't think so. It can only go in certain decks, since not all will run pirates, and may only get the ability turn 3-4. Then two color decks, and sometimes even 3 color decks, would rather just have other lands.
  • @KjMartin, True... I should always relate lands to turn bases.
  • Finding art for a Smogwater Harbor land is surprisingly difficult.
  • BREYWOOD - claimed!


    I made it with a bit of a different name. Is that okay?
  • Claiming AppleWine Hill
  • edited January 13
    The Narrows is taken!


    A place where outlaws go to escape the pursuit of the law, biding their time until their crimes have been long forgotten.
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