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Masterpeice Contest - Challenge 2

Welcome to the second challenge of the Masterpeice Competition, where as the top winner will recieve a booster pack!
All remaining contestants have survived well in the last contest, and I look forward to seeing the results of the next.

This contests objective is to design a masterpeice card that follows a storyline.

The storyline is (and you can minorly change this.)

A renegading ship of pirates discovered an abandoned island, and in the island they found a large citadel which they plundered; and upon ransacking the palace they gathered together many treasures and invaluable jewels. But alas, on the pirates way home to plunder the gold, a stricken curse from the citadel brought down their ship in a tempest and the endless amounts of treasure were lost forever.

You may adapt this however you wish to create a masterpeice; for example a crown jewel, or anything really - but the more it relates the more points it scores!

Participants: (15)
@zizick123 @Mnemosyne @Gryphon1114 @DarthPon3 @MaverickGV @theimmortaldeath @Kinojitsu_Asahi @ShadowKnight1224 @LyndonF @kltmtg29 @Tomble123 @Rednaxela @DomriKade @unicornsareevil13579 @Tesarand

I believe I spelt all names correctly - but please @TastyCheez me if I did.

5 people will be eliminated in this contest, so here are the rules:

- You may only submit up to three entries - minimum of two entries.
- You will be disqualified if you submit zero cards before the first challenge ends.
- You must use proper Magic; The Gathering wording in your card, and avoid spelling mistakes.
- Artworks for the cards must be visually appealing, but relative to the card itself. They cannot be real-life images or cartoon-like captions.
- You cannot use the same artwork or flavour text that has already been submitted in the competition.
- You must provide the artwork artist/illustrator if able.
- Please don't have pixelated images. It hurts my eyes T_T.
- Cards must be Mythic Rare rarity.
- Cards submitted for this contest must be new cards, made specifically for this contest.

Cards will be marked on the following:

- Design 1-10 points.
- Originality 1-10 points.
- Balance 1-10 points.
- Creativity 1-10 points.


Contest ends on 1st January.



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