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Hello everyone! This shall be my first tutorial, and it will be quite a simple one. This is mainly meant for new people here, and it is to give you an introduction and a warm welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!

Creating a Contest

When creating a contest, you should create it in steps:

1. Do you want it to be a "Normal Contest" or a "Just for Fun Contest"?

This is pretty simple. A "Just for Fun Contest" is usually just any contest without prizes, but that's just because of the assumption. Generally speaking, a "Just for Fun Contest" is just one that was weird. In other words, it is just a contest that is too absurd. Or to make it even simpler to explain, a contest where the cards wouldn't even be considered by Maro even if they were balanced. These are generally Anime cards. So if you wanna make an Anime contest and let everyone hate you, make it a "Just for Fun Contest". If you don't, then make it a "Normal Contest."

2. Ongoing, Chain, or Terminal?

This is also simple. There are 3 types of contests you can create. Ongoing, Chain, or Terminal. Ongoing is basically a contest that has no end, just one where people either endlessly make cards off of the topic, or make a card based off of the last person's card. For instance, in my ongoing contest the "Finish What is Asked Contest", the next person makes a card based off a request by the previous person, and so on. A Terminal Contest is the most common, where you say something the contest is about, people make cards for it, and then when the end date comes, you judge, pick the winners, and KABOOM! You're done! 99% of all contests are like this. Chain contests are the rarest, with at this time only 3 ones still running, them being the Pro-Team contest, the Mechanix Challenge, and the Reactivation Challenge. Chain contests are like a mix of both continuous and ongoing, where there are ongoing sequels to the first contest. These are the hardest to be made, and I do not recommend making them unless you've been here for over a month.

3. So what is it about?

You have to decide what your contest is about. Generally speaking, there are 3 types - Physical, Flavor, and Other (So technically more than 3). A physical contest is the most common, which is where you give a creature type, mechanic, or something, and you have others make a card based on it. Typically, these make up 85.729291929192987474891919% of the contests. A flavor contest is where you judge the contest based on the flavor of the card, so you would want good flavor text, good art, and good abilities to match the name. I can't really explain it. Other contests are pretty much... anything else. They range from my RPG based contests to team contests. They are rare, because it is hard to think of contests like those, but then again, most of my contests are like that.

4. How do I explain my contest?

I can't really explain it too well, but use @pewnd's contest as an example.

Basically, you need to contain the following things:

-What you want.
-End date.
-If old cards are allowed.

Optional, but I'd pay money for:

-Backstory, Please
-Good outline
-You do not need to mention "No Nudity or Swearing". It's already like that in the forum rules.

Other Threads

There are a few other thread types I'll go over before I start explaining the next thing:

Custom Card Discussion: I rarely use this. You just use this to post a thread asking people if they like your card or not.
Custom Card Sets: I'll go over this later. This is a big.
Tutorials: This.
Gameplay Chat: Pretty much make a thread about aspects of the real game.
News and Announcements: Nothing for you, except this.
Bounty Board: Contests made by the mod on forum stuff.
Off Topic: Anything Else.

Custom Sets

Custom sets are sets you can ask with custom cards in likeness of actual sets. So you can make a... Well... Custom Set! You can do it 3 ways:

1: Do it yourself. Make the set in your own account and make it by yourself.
2. Premium. If you are a premium member, you can add cards others made into your set. If you do it this way, you can make a thread, ask people for help, and then add the cards they made into your set.
3: Collaboration: I do this all the time. You make a new user account. It will ask you for an email, but you can just make it up like [email protected] Share your password privately with the others helping you, and then work together to make the cards.

Conduct and Expectations

Be nice, be nice, be nice, and... don't be nice to @KJMartin.

HTML 101

There already is a guide here on the forums, but I'll make another one here for your convenience:

Bold: < b > [Insert Text] < /b >
Italicize: < i > [Insert Text] < /i >
Underline: < u > [Insert Text] < /u >
Font Size or Color: < font size/color=[Insert Number or Color] > [Insert Text] </ same thing as before >

The most complicated of all - Posting the Image of a Card: < a href="[Insert Link of Card]" >< img src="[Insert Image Source]" >

The Image Source is he most complicated part. There are 2 ways to get it. The first is to right click the image, and then press "Copy Image Source" or press the little green download on the right side of the card text. It's link is the Image Source.

2 More Things to Know

1. If you don't know anyone else here, at least know @Corwinnn.
2. We need help! Support us at https://www.patreon.com/mtgcardsmith.

The Rest of this Thread

For everyone, let us use this thread to introduce ourselves, with the following:

1. Real Name (Optional).
2. Nickname (Optional).
3. Username Origin.
4. Shoutout to Anyone.
5. What Instrument do you play?


  • Let me start.

    My name is Donald J Trump.
    You may call me Bogey for short.
    My username origin comes from playing golf.
    I would like to give a shoutout to the following people: @Corwinn and @Tomgion for being amazing! @Camick, @DragonFaceEater, @KJMartin, and @Unicornsareevil13579 for helping me with my collaboration sets. @kltmtg29 for making amazing cards. @Faiths_Guide and @Beeswax for being my inspiration. @Pewnd for making awesome contests!
    Oh yeah, I also play the trumpet.
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    @TrippleBoggey3 how could you... "You don't need to mention no swearing or nudity"... I feel like that's ripped straight out of one of my contests... :'(

    I'm just kidding i'm not butthurt
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    1. Real Name: Sean
    2. Nickname: I have sooooooo many it's not funny but the most common is Bean
    3. Username Origin: oh wow ummm Robot Unicorn attack 2 or something like that.
    4. Shoutout: Anyone form New Zealand message me
    5. Instrument: I used to play Piano but i'm not very good.

    Also my Magic colours are Red & Black http://mtgsalvation.gamepedia.com/Cult_of_Rakdos
  • How could you @TrippleBoggey3? *sobs*
    'Be nice, be nice, be nice, and... don't be nice to @KJMartin.'

    1. My real name is actually Martin Still.
    2. You may call me Lord Martin for short. Even though that's not really short, and it was sarcasm.
    3. My username origins come from once being called the unofortunate username 'KimJongMartin'. *shudder*
    4. I would like to give a shout out to:
    @TrippleBoggey3 for...For...Being a horrible person. *more sobs*
    @Death_Methods for just being a complete legend.
    @DomriKade for always entering my contests. Thx!
    @DragonFaceEater, @pewnd and you for making cool contests.
    @ningyounk + @strongbellieves for the feedback.
    @Corwinnn and @Tomigon for being @Corwinnn and @Tomigon.
    @kimandbech and many, many others for making awesome cards.
    5. I play the drums. And the guitar a bit. And the ukulele. A bit, at least.
  • 1. No.
    2. Strong Believes.
    3. You need to have strong believes if you want to succeed.
    4. To @faiths_guide. He tries so hard and gets so far but in the end it doesn't even matter.
    5. None.

    If you want some additional examples of contest formatting, check out these contests I've held previously:
    Death to Eldrazi
    Alternative Ideas
    The Hardest Contest Ever
    Operation Box Preparation - Operation Box Phase Alpha - Operation Box Phase Beta
  • 1. My real name is Elijah
    2. Most people end up just calling me Dragon for short.
    3. Well, when I was, like, 9, I was playing DragonFable. My username was "foofoofaafaa", but I got an opportunity to change it. I wanted it to be epic, and my mind was already on dragons, so I came up with "DragonFaceEater" and it stuck with me ever since.
    4. To @TrippleBoggey3 for making this, to @Corwinn for being an awesome mod, to @Faiths_Guide for entering in pretty much every contest that ever existed (except the anime ones), and to @pewnd for being my new best contest friend. (if you haven't seen yet, I entered more than 50 times into each of his contests)
    5. I used to play the guitar, but don't anymore. I can still play "7 nation army" and some of "crazy train" though.
  • 1: My real name is Kai
    2: Strangely, I've never really had any. I guess I just already have a short name. *shrugs*
    3: My username is my initials, Magic: the Gathering, then my birthday (sort of a formula I use)
    4: Wow well there are a lot of awesome cardsmiths here. @Corwinnn for being an awesome mod, @Faiths_Guide and @Beeswax for being awesome at making cards, @TrippleBoggey3 and @DragonFaceEater and @pewnd and @Tomigon for being awesome at running contests and @ningyounk and @strongbelieves for being awesome at giving commentary and just @everyone for being the mtgcardsmith community.
    5: I too, play the trumpet.
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    Oh, thanks for all the shoutouts @Everyone! Greatly appreciated!
  • 1. Jake
    2. Jake from Statefarm
    3. Death_Methods was the name of my favorite World of Warcraft character back when I used to play.
    4. @Faiths_Guide for never making a card that I wasn't darn-right impressed/jealous of/with, @Emeraldragon17 for being the first cardsmith that I followed, @KJMartin for being my favorite cardsmith, @Biblio for making more cards than I can comprehend! @TrippleBoggey3 for being a Halo fan.
    5. Is mayonnaise an instrument?
  • Actually, for the nickname bit, I have quite a few:

    - One of my friends calls me Lord Martin, but that's only because I won a bet with him about 2 years ago.
    - 'Smartin' is one.
    - Another of my friends calls me 'Professor Martin'.
    - Because I apparently act like a politician and am really at speaking/debating, I have loads more politic based nicknames, including: Martin Trump, Martin Sanders, Martin Cameron, Martin Corbyn, Hillary Still/Conmy, and Martin Churchill (some of them I prefer more than others).
    - *shudder* The incredibly imaginative 'Martin Fartin' is one. The first time I heard that was when I was like 6. Every once in awhile these days, some genius 'comes up' with it and starts calling me it for a day or something.
    - I used to be called 'Chewbacca' for a while. That was because there was another really annoying kid at our school call 'Aboubacar'. He called me 'Martin Fartin' for a while until I called him that. Then he started calling me Chewbacca.

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    1. Cameron
    2. Camick, Mika, Kiito, etc.
    3. Absolutely no idea
    4. Myself (ahhhhhhhhh.... no) @TrippleBoggey3 and @KJMartin for being funny and having really bad jokes
    5. The tongue
  • 1. Saveria
    2. Jo/Jojo/Sav
    3. My human rogue I played in WoW from 2004-2010 or so was named Saveria.
    4. @fraziel07 for being ( I think) my first or one of my first followers..@faiths_guide for all his helpful feedback..@yururu for feedback and for being so nice
    5. Guitar
  • 1. I'll pass.
    2. Lugik, lalgical (you don't wanna know.)
    3. It's a nickname I had on a different forum.
    4. @everyone For making this site awesome.
    5. A xylophone constructed from the ribs of my enemies.
  • 1. Gonna pass on this one
    2. Lito (No, not Spanish)
    3. A long, long time ago, "touchstone" was a word I found that I really liked. It's stuck as a username for a while, but now I've come to favor the name Vunik (long story).
    4. Honestly, @everyone for this site. If I have to get specific...there's a lot of people! And not just on this forum either. After I'd been introduced to MSE, the people there are really nice (most of the time) and incredibly helpful!
    5. Small bit of piano, but heading into uni for the clarinet. I'm also a composer, so I guess you could say that I "play" all instruments.
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    Hey all, we have been around for a few months now but are still fairly new to Cardsmith. The community here seems pretty welcoming and the weekly contests and card discussions are excellent. It has been a fantastic experience gathering inspiration for cards and brainstorming our way through our own custom singleton-cube.

    1. The dynamic duo of Phill and Kyle
    2. Neither of us have consistent nicknames
    3. Our last names, original we know.
    4. Shoutout to @KJMartin @implied_username @modnation675 for being supportive members of the community and following the construction of our own custom cube set with such enthusiasm and diligence. @Faiths_Guide @Corwinnn and @Tomigon for being inspirations for us all, lol.
    5. I believe Kim plays the flute and the piano.

    We are now trying to become more active members of the forum posts, looking forward to seeing more of you all.


  • Hello everybody, our nicknames are Modnation675 and Mercyque. We share this account and both have a fascination with mechanics. As such we like the feedback aspect of this site especially. +MTG of course! (Much more fun than Facebook!)

    1. Noah and Mercy.
    2. Modnation675 and Mercyque. (Respectively!)
    3. Modnation675 --> PS3 game Modnation racers.
    Mercyque --> Likes adorable stuff, hence the Axolotl avatar and memes.
    4. Shoutout to @Animist for all his hard work making sure to comment on our cards! (You give awesome feedback!) As well as everyone else, they help keep us from printing Future Sight cards without Color wheels! Lol.
    5. The keyboard and mouse! JK. XD ...We're practicing the violin but love the piano as well!

    We're looking to become more known in the community so we can get loads of feedback on cards and encourage people to join our contests!

    As well as practicing so that we can eventually make a full MTG set. So all the cool ideas people make help a lot with inspiration!
  • Thanks again for all the shoutouts @Everyone!
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    1. Justin, that's all you get.
    2. I've had a few, most recurring was probably Yoduh. I'm not explaining further.
    3. Really don't have much of a reason on this one, another account got terminated on a different site and it just came to me when I went to replace it. I can't really claim to be a "guide" of faith, though I certainly proclaim it.
    4. Shoutout to @Domrikade, because I enjoy talking to him most of late. To @strongbelieves for not trying hard. And to @TrippleBoggey3, 'cause he asked for one.
    5. Trumpet primarily; I've also played Tuba, Trombone, bari-Sax, and others.
  • @Faiths_Guide

    How does bari-sax compare with tuba? I'm seeing which one I should learn next.
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    How do you mean?
  • 1. My real name is Maverick
    2. Casual
    3. It's my name
    4. Idk
    5. I don't play anything but I used to play piano
  • @Faiths_Guide

    Just which one is more fun.
  • Tuba vs. Bari Sax (start around 2:30 for the solo)
    Both have their merits. Cost is not one of them.

    1. Kade
    2. No nicknames
    3. Domri Rade was the first planeswalker I opened and it seemed a clever pun.
    4. Certainly the mods and regulars. @Faiths_Guide for outstanding conversation and camaraderie, @strongbelieves for being Noodle from the Gorillaz (and also for the much-needed candor and skillful contest hosting), @Cryptonight for invaluable card feedback over time, and even though he's inactive now @Grimshac is the one who really helped me 'level up' in my card designing.
    5. Trumpet is my primary instrument but my degrees are all in music. I started on the education track so I had to learn to play most everything at a basic proficiency. Nowadays other than trumpet I mostly sing, play piano and rap.
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    The last post may be from February, but I'll still try!

    1. Ken
    2. If we're playing Conspiracy, call me MonarChrome
    3. Monochrome, mana... get it?
    4. @Faiths_Guide for introducing me to this site!
    5. Piano I guess?
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