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Ongoing Mechanics


So I'm sure all of you (or at least almost all of you) must have entered one of @Corwinnn/@Tomigon's mechanix challenges, where mechanics from the Mechanic Encyclopedia are posted for people to make cards of. it's a really, really, fun idea - so this is kind of a similar contest, except whenever you post you get to select mechanics from the Mechanic Encyclopedia for ALL. They can be your mechanics, or anyone else's. So, get your thinking caps on and get ready to make cards then select mechanics! Be sure to put an '@' before the person's name whose mechanic you're using, too.

Here's the encyclopedia:

=The Contest=

To start us off, I will post three mechanics that I like and are in @ChargingBadger's thread - see them below. Then, the first person will make a card using one of those mechanics, then select between 1-3 (preferably more than 1) mechanics - the next person will make a card using one of these mechanics, select 1-4 ect, ect (the reason to have more than 1 is so people have a wide variety of choices). This is an ongoing contest, so it will go on forever and there will be no prizes.


1. Must be an all-new card, but not necessarily made for this contest.
2. As many entries as you like, but please don't spam.
3. Don't make loads of entries in a row.
4. Please don't purposely select bad mechanics from the mechanic encyclopedia.
5. No off topic chat.

=Starting Mechanics=

Two-Faced (You may have this creature enter the battlefield transformed under an opponent's control.) By me.
Chronicle (When this creature enters the battlefield, you may exile an instant or sorcery card from your hand.) Then it has a trigger thing that gets to cast it/has some interaction with it. By me.
Painborn (Each 1 life you pay while casting this
pays for {1}. It enters the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter on it for each 1 life paid this way.) By @Animist.


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