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5 Part Mega-Challenge - Part 1

edited December 2016 in Contests and Challenges
The first part of this challenge is to create a basis for your plane. (the plane must NOT be a "return to" set. it must be original.)
Create a new set with the title of the plane and "5PMG" after. Put all info in the comments.
In your entry, you must include:
If there is, how the five clans, colours, islands etc. are represented (Example: The five clans of tarkir; the major gods of Theros)
New species and if they have a new creature type and common species of the plane
What culture, folklore or mythology it is based off (only if it is)
What the world looks like
Overall atmosphere (example: Innistrad is gritty and grim, while Kaladesh is colourful and inventive)
The name of the plane
Additional info (whatever you like)

If somebody comes up with a new feature you can add, I may tell everyone to add it.

I would also prefer it if you create a NEW plane (not one you have used in the past on mtgcardsmith)


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