Use these (vaguely) Christmassy words

Just a quick and dirty contest for those of you smithing over the holiday period.

Make a card on which all five of these words appear in some capacity:

"each player" (as a single phrase)

You can change the tense and make these words plural, etc. if you like, add suffixes and so on.

The words can appear in the name, type, text, flavour text - wherever you like as long as they're present somewhere in the card. They can even appear in the art but see the judging criteria, which are:

- Balance
- Playability
- Realism (so no overtly Santa / Christmassy cards)
- Creativity
- Templating (including spelling, grammar, punctuation and spacing)
- Flavour
- Art selection (i.e. realistic art. Using existing MtG art is strongly discouraged)

3 entries per smith. Favourites for prizes.

Provisional deadline of Tuesday 27th December, but I might extend it depending on the number of entries or how things are going.

Okay, go!


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