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Making Custom Decks - Together... (Ongoing)


There have been loadsa contests involving making a deck right - some out of custom cards, some out of real cards, some out of certain cards, some using cards made by yourself, others using cards made by other people...But this contest is different, oh so different - and will probably end in complete chaos, like any of those 'work together' kinda contests. You create a card, the mention how many copies of this card the deck will need - until, finally, we have a deck of custom cards made for and by the community!

=The Contest=

The first person will create a card (making sure it's balanced and preferably not in too many colors), of any card type (land, instant/sorcery, creature, enchantment, artifact, planeswalker...) and post it here, also listing how many copies of that card this deck is to run - remembering this is meant to be a sixty card deck with a maximum of four of each card. The next person will make a card which could go with the first card in a deck together (and so on and so on, making sure the cards made fit the deck). Eventually, we will be left with a sixty-card fully complete deck!


Since the whole contest may be a bit hard to grasp for you, I've provided some examples:


Let's say the first person posted Throne of Benevolence. The next person, say, could make another kinda-hatebeary card. Then, the next person could come with another hatebear-ish weenie. The deck is already taking shape, into a kind of weenie death and taxes deck.

=Dese Da Rulz=
1. Must be NEW cards and ORIGINAL (created for this contest).
2. No OVERPOWERED cards (preferably) ask me if it's overpowered or not if you want and I will judge.
3. I reserve the privilege to delete (reject) ANY card you entered to keep the deck going.
4.No SPAMMING entries.
5. Don't purposely ruin the deck.
6. Have fun! :D

When each deck is finished, people who created a card for that deck may request a card for me to favorite. I will also follow you if you keep on making cards, and fave any cards I like (as always).


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