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Phyrixia needs to come back

The theme of this contest is the Phyrexians. We have been seeing a lot of Pyrexian cards, but no lore recent lore significance about them. You will make a new mechanic that seems Phyrixia like, make a cards with it, and finally write a little lore about it.

1. Old cards aloud
2. No joke/un cards
3. Max three entries

1st.5 likes and a follow
2nd. 3 likes and a follow
3rd. 1 like and a follow


  • Discrimination! XD
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    Phyrexia is awesome.
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    I think this makes the challenge harder to garner popularity which means I'd rather work more with @KJMartin 's Khare, the Great Cityport

    Also I want to be able to go face to face with the great KJMartin!!!! :P Lol
    (Reduce volume slightly!)
  • @Modnation lol and I considered your point I will change this so everyone can enter.
  • Thanks, is there anymore criteria to this that I should uphold as I will be entering?

    Also, I'm going to be out shopping so I'll upload multiple cards later today! May I ask, when is the deadline?
  • @Modnation675 the dead line is not decided yet, but some time near the end of the month.
  • Oh, ok nvm then! I'll delay my upload... I thought it was gonna be a week or two!
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    Here is an ability, I will add lore later

    ( Whenever a creature dealt combat damage by this creature dies, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature. )

    Will be used primarily by green and black creatures, but I can see red ones doing it too.
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    I got an ability. Lore should be kinda obvious.
    Compleate (Cost?) ((Cost?),{t}: Target permanent becomes an artifact in addition to its other types and its abilities cannot target you, permanents you control, or spells you control. If its a creature it becomes a Horror in addition to it's other creature types and cannot attack you or block creatures you control.)
    there should maybe definitely be a cost. or just restrict it to only mythics. maybe both those things.
  • @theimmortaldeath

    In order for your ability to work it must create an enchantment token that is an aura with enchant creature. You must then specify that enchantment giving the effects to the permanent similarly to how you did so above. Lastly, the main ability must say it enchants the target permanent.

    In short doing so is dreadfully challenging and I'm too tired to format it currently. I apologize for giving all answers without the solution.

    Also since it is painfully specific and less used most likely, please don't make it a keyword.
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    Good job keeping it quick and efficient! This would be a keyword that could be used more liberally throughout actual future sets do to the excessive support for BG counters.

    Yeah, I could see a vampiric looking phyrexian with that ability! :)
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    This one has the symbols, but it's just for fun:
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  • @theimmortaldeath Phyrexian Watcher doesn't have your created mechanic.
    @everyone your mechanic MUST be on your card
  • i thought you didn't lie my mechanic. i just kinda scrapped it.
  • @theimmortaldeath I think your mechanic is interesting and a little to wordy. Either way you must have your mechanic on your card. Also if you don't like your mechanic I'm sorry if I didn't make this clear @everyone you have a max 3 submissions for each of the three required things.
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    This should be better for compleate:
    Compleate (Cost) ((Cost),{t}: Gain control of target permanent with converted mana cost X (x is the cmc of cost) or less until this card leaves the battlefield. Permanents you control but don't own get +1/+1 and have haste and infect.)
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    @mtgwizard9003 sooo much better now.
    also, card:
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    Well, it was supposed to be facing against Phyrexians, and as you require LOUD old cards... ("Old cards aloud")

    In a certain plane, Kithkins and Centaurs were constantly fending off one another. This one, in specific, wasn't really well adjusted to any side: especially hated by the centaurs, and discarded by its brethren for just how annoying it was. Once the Phyrexians suddenly invaded said plane, the two races joined in an effort against the alien forces, making sure to put all the right people on the frontlines.

    More on said story on the contest this card was originally for, not to disregard its origins. []
  • Sounds fun, I'll get on it.
  • How a bout This?

    The backstory to this is that a small group of Phyrexians that became more than mindless drones and snapped to become a frontliner of Phyrexians battles, a very "important" role to Phyrexians the fought over themselves and eventully one killed all the others, explaining the -1/-1 part of the new skill and rose to the top, giving the creature power, or the two +1/+1 part of the skill.
  • @ZendicarElite , that card has major wording issues
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    @Camick How?
  • @ZendicarElite

    Look at my cards and you'll see how.

    Even the mana cost is backwards.
  • @ZendicarElite
    Powerthirst looks like an activated ability keyword. If so, my suggestion is:

    Powerthirst 2- {1}{b}{b} ({1}{b}{b}, Discard a card: Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature with infect. This creature gets +2/+2 until end of combat)

    I would make it say "target", so that you can't activate it if you have no creatures with infect.
    I wouldn't use counters to bump up this creature's P/T. It's more simple.
  • @ZendicarElite, @Tomigon, @TrippleBoggey3, @camick
    Corrupted Brooder would probably be better looking like this:
    I made it on my alt account. There almost wasn't a thing I didn't change. Eek. If you want it to be taken down, tell me.
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