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Team Challenge #5 Guilds of Ravnica. Results Are In!!!

Been a while since I made one of these. But the Team Challenge is back due to popular demand (If you consider two people to be popular demand.)

I know there have been a lot of team contests lately but this series is quite different from the rest. And I think my Team Challenge #1 was the first team contest (Or one of the first).

In my series the rules are very relaxed and nonrestrictive and they are as follows:
1. You can join any team and at any time; no signup required.
2. You can switch teams at anytime, but you must let me know. And any entries for your first team will be disqualified.
3. You can enter 4 old cards, but the rest must be recent
4. You can enter any number of cards
5. There is no limit to the number of members of a team and not every team needs a member (Since there will be ten possible teams). If there is a team of ten people vs a team of 5 vs a team of 1 that is fine.
6. The scores of each card on a team are averaged so each team as an equal shat at winning even if the number of members is way different. So only quality matters, not quantity.
7. Balanced, realistic cards
8. Cards must fit the flavor of their guild
9. Any card type and rarity

Since one bad score in a team can really bring the team down it is very important that all the members on a team work together and give feedback on all their teammates' cards. And if someone gives suggestions on how to fix your card, you should make those changes.


1.Each member in the winning team will get 3 favorites
2.Second place team will get 2
3. Third place 1
4. Forth place will get acknowledgment.

Now the teams:

Azorius u/w
Goligari b/g
Selesnya g/w
Dimir b/u
Gruul r/g
Boros r/w
Orzhov b/w
Izzet r/u
Simic g/u
Rakdos r/b

Cards must fit the flavor of their guilds not just their colors. That will be one of the things I judge on.

Also something I forgot:
Cards do not have to be multicolored as long as, flavorfully, it is obvious which guild they are from.


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