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Funniest... cards... EVER!!! (Batteries not included)

By this title you already know what's going on. Batteries aren't included...which stinks. But that's besides the point, I want to see who can make the funniest cards...ever. Not just funniest cards ever, funniest cards...EVER!!! I have some simple rules:

-Make a new card. It can't be one you've already made.

-Take your time (Don't just put a picture of Harambe on a card and make it a 1 mana 20/20)!

-Creativity (for inspiration, look at the Unhinged and Unglued sets).

-It doesn't have to be a good card... or a fair one.

-Flavor text can always be made funny!

This is not just for me to judge! Everybody loves to laugh! My final rule is (but not required): If you find a card to be funny, you can notify me on here, which lets me know which cards you guys found funny, which will make it easier pick...the!!!

Good luck!

1st place prize: Bragging rights and a follow from yours truly, I'll also like 5.25 and a half cards of their choosing (Which I think rounds to 6!?)

2nd place prize: I'll follow them and like 4 and a half cards of their choosing.

3rd place prize: I'll follow them and and like 3.1415926535897932384 cards of their choosing. (Thats pi!)


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