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MTG Cardsmith User Tournament- Round #3

Welcome all to round #3 of the MTG Cardsmith User Tournament. I'm your host @dashdo101 and.. yep...

I'm not sure if you guys forgot put you guys actually get a prize for getting here! The prize is 1 favorite of your choice, and please state that or else I will think it's your entry.

Subject for Round #3
Make an artifact, or something that goes well with artifacts!
Thank you WOTC for that example!

Cardsmiths allowed to enter // pairs
@Faiths_Guide vs. @kltmtg29
@Rednaxela vs. @dudemantheguy
@KJMartin vs. @DomriKade
@TrippleBoggey3 vs. @Beeswax

End date: 1/15/17
Entries: 1, but can edit and change out the card for something else anytime
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So, without further or do, let the games begin!



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