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You Just Killed Me With My Own Creature. O_O *HiddenCircuitChallenge*

Hullo, all!
Welcome to You Just Killed Me With My Own Creature, a contest for cards that interact with which player controls certain permanents (??? How to phrase that...). I love cards that do that. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them.
For example, if you'll look at my Theos: the Gods Reborn set (see how I snuck in an advertisement there?), you'll see the Negotiate mechanic, which creates colorless Coin artifact tokens. You can exchange control of X coins and a nonland permanent with cmc X or less with target player. Or, ooh, the Exchange mechanic on Spirit Chief by BradXMagic (I don't know if it's on any other cards). Stuff like that just fascinates me.

Anyhoo, the rules:
-3 entries max per smith
-Original cards only. However, if you have a card that you think is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, I'll overlook it.
-No nudity, swearing, etc.
-Only serious cards. No joke or un-cards.
-No existing MTG card images, please.
-You can edit your entry as many times as you want as long as the contest is going on.
-Please, please, please use correct MTG language and general grammar. It really bugs me when you get a card that's, like, "pay too lives u get a card." (Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but still.)

-Your card(s) must have to do with gaining/exchanging/losing control of permanents, not players or anything else. Any card type will do. Whatever your diabolical little minds can think of.

Other than than, feel free to ask questions.

I will be judging your cards on creativity, originality, utility, and realistic-ness (??). Everybody, not just the winners, will get feedback on their cards.

1st place: I will favorite four cards of your choice, you will get a trophy, and you will get to chose an Honorable Mention!
2nd place: I will favorite three cards of your choice, and you will get to choose an Honorable Mention!
3rd place: I will favorite two cards of your choice!
Honorable Mention(s): I will favorite your entry!

I will determine when the contest ends later.

Here are some examples for you:

Everybody ready? Set? CARDSMITH!


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