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Two mana 'walkers!

First off, I will admit I have a bad track record with contests. I'm hoping that this new set of four numbers symbolizing a period of 365 days may help me to clean up my act.

Anyways, as you've guessed, this contest is about two cost planeswalkers! The only one in existence currently is Tibalt (and I'm apparently the only person that likes him.) So your challenge today is to create a planeswalker with a converted mana cost of two. However, we do have some ground rules.

First, Colorless plameswalkers are highly discouraged. You won't be docked points for this, but make a good case for why you made one.
Secondly, no joke cards. If I see a single Harambe card on this thread, I'll be requesting its closing with no judging. You have all been given advance notice. Don't make me violate my new year's resolution.
Third, feel free to spam my inbox after the deadline, if I don't post results within twenty four hours of beginning judging.
Fourth, New cards only.
Fifth, two entries each, and no swapping them out.

Here are the prizes.
First place with get three favourites and a card made in their honour.
Second place gets two favourites and a card made in their honour.
Third place gets two favourites.

Yes, these prizes are slightly unexciting. But anyways, get to it, and I look forward to seeing all this community has to offer!

(For those stuck with mobile, if someone else helps them make an entry, the helper will get a free favorite. This is applicable once per helper.)

The deadline is two weeks from today.


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