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Simple common card challenge.

edited January 2017 in Just for Fun Contests
Make common cards that we can share for our custom sets.


- Card must be realistic.
- Weak card is ok. Just try not to be OP.
- Large text is preferred.
- Non-evergreen/custom keyword mechanic must have reminder text.
- If the card doesn't have abilities other than keyword abilities, it must have flavor text.
- Existing MtG arts aren't allowed.
- Give credit to artist!

*Deadline: January 23
*10 entries per person. Old cards are allowed.
*All cards made for this challenge that meet the rules get a favorite.
*By entering, you agree to allow all cardsmiths to add your card to any custom sets they make.

The person who posts the most cards that meet the rules wins. Top 3 winners will be announced.
- 1st place, 5 faves on your amazing cards.
- 2nd place, 3 faves on your amazing cards.
- 3rd place, 1 fave on your amazing cards.
(If I can't find amazing cards to favorite, I'll help you to make amazing cards!)

Let's have fun!


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