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Do you know the "Gotcha" keyword from unhinged? You better, because it's the best thing in the history of Magic! If you don't, here are the cards that have gotcha:[gotcha]

So, obviously, for this contest, you'll be making a card with gotcha. Now, to give some room for creativity, the "Gotcha" mechanic won't only be able to return the card from your graveyard to your hand, it can do other stuff too. Also, the trigger word(s) don't have to come directly from the name, but should be related to the card.

Other Rules:
1. You are allowed to change your card any amount before the contest ends
2. You can only use an original card that you made.
3. Max number of entries is three.
4. No joke cards (So no Donald Trump cards or anything)
5. Please have correct MTG language, since I get really bothered by incorrect MTG language.

I will be judging you based on:
- Balance
- Creativity
- Templating (including spelling, grammar, punctuation and spacing)
- Art selection (using existing MtG art is strongly discouraged)
- Flavor (Not flavor text, just how well the abilities fit with the art and name)

1st: I will follow you, favorite 5 cards of your choice, and you get to choose an honorable mention.
2nd: I will follow you and favorite 3 cards of your choice.
3rd: I will follow you and favorite 2 card of your choice
Honorable Mention(s): I will favorite 2 cards of your choice

I will be judging around January 25th, 2017. (14 days from when this contest was created)


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