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Aether Challenge

Soon Aether Revolt will be released, so i thought i would do something with aethers, so heres the challenge, make a aether (or aetherborn) but also remember this about aethers, all aether subtype aether whatever or just aether other then rogues, which are aetherborns.


1 4 entrys per cardsmith.
2 correct grammar, and mtg language.
3 no made up abilitys.
4 no swearing, or any other inappropriate language.
5 aethers and aetherborns only.
6 no lands, instant/sorcerys, only creatures and legendary creatures.

1st place, a follow and likes for 5 cards of their choice
2nd place, likes for 4 cards of their choice.
3rd place, a follow.

ends febuary 4th, good luck to everyone!!! (tell me if i forgot anything too)


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