Ephemera: Tommia Collapsed

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Welcome to Ephemera. In this set, gaze upon a corrupt Tommia as it falls apart at the seams, having merged with a phantasmal plane of eternal darkness.

This set places a heavy emphasis on Good vs. Evil, as well as the line between. There are two sides to the conflict, split into multiple factions. The plane of Tommia, represented by White, Blue, and Green mana, is at war with the plane of Ephemera, represented by Black, Red, and Devoid (colorless) mana. Will you side with Tommia and bring light to a realm that's falling apart? Will you join Ephemera and bring Tommia's end? Or will you live on the line, walking between light and dark and hoping to make a difference? The choice is yours.

Discuss the set here: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/1725/ephemera-set-discussion-page

Submit card ideas here: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/2548/ongoing-ideas-page-for-ephemera


  • Did you make, like, 7 topics for your custom set?
  • @strongbelieves Sadly, there's no way to edit the age old ones for Ephemera, so I'm having them closed. Also, if you're referring to the Tommia pages, those are for a different set entirely.
  • Major Parties:

    Tommia, informally led by Joseph Bigham: Tommia represents the good in the world, and is a figment of the positive in Joseph's mind. Being a faction of white, blue, and green mana, their goal is to fight off the forces of Ephemera and protect the plane of all costs. Sadly, since Tommia is technically still at war, Tommia is teetering on the edge of ending itself.

    Ephemera, led by Tommy Jihah: Ephemera represents negativity and the urge to destroy, and is a figment of the negative in Joseph's mind. Being a faction of black, red, and devoid (colorless) mana, they seek to corrupt Tommia and kill Joseph.
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    Wording rules for Ephemera differ a bit from standard Magic cards to give them a unique feel and personality.

    If a legendary creature has a proper name (ex. Vulcan, Shepherd of Fire) it is called by its name (in this case, Vulcan) instead of by the name of the card when being referred to on itself. Other cards still refer to it by its full card name.

    On top of that, on the card, the character is referred to by gender unless they lack one. (Vulcan is a she)
  • Major Mechanics as of 2/15/2017

    Lost (Other spells and abilities treat this card as if it had no types, subtypes, name, mana cost, or text.)

    See the unseen -- If you control a Lost or Forbidden permanent, .

    Convicting a creature, player, or planeswalker (If the target is not convicted, put a conviction counter on them and they become convicted. Those that are convicted take an additional one damage from nonblack white sources.)

    Consecrate with (, Exile cards named from your graveyard: Cast this spell from exile.)

    [From WoTC] Exploit, Devoid

    [From WoTC Unused Mechanics] Forbidden (This card starts the game in exile)
  • I may not make this set, as I would rather make a different set, as it gives me more freedom. Please comment below with your advice.
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    I think that you need to use some more imaginative plot points to give yourself more creative freedom overall. Whenever I hear darkness aside from literal lighting, I get immediately off-put by the idea.

    I like ideas that focus on issues among the plane being covered up. Specifically, the conflict is behind closed doors and may be unknown-st to the citizens.
  • A set with a conflict other than about "end of the world" might be refreshing.
  • That's all I needed to know.

    Enough dragging on a dead plot from 2012. It's time to work on my new plane!

    Please do not close this discussion yet. I may still do something with this.
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