Looking for serious cardsmiths for a set.

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As the title states, I'm looking for some people that want to be serious about making a set. 2-4 people would be great.

Some of you know me, some of you don't, but I'm very much a no non-sense guy when it comes to card creation, and I'm looking to make a proper set in that vein, something that is WotC-standard but, naturally, with our own twist!

As such, I want to warn you, long post incoming. Please read it all.

I want to lead with this: It's going to be a proper hobby for a while. Which means time investment. What I want to do is that once a week or so, the people that are in on the set have a meeting (Google hangout, facebook group, skype, heck, I got a TS server if you want - You name it) and talk about the set (block), what we're doing with it, and where we're going, what cards do good, which needs be changed, what good ideas came up through the week and so on.
Basically, I want people who are up for this, who wants to make a properly refined and polished set (block), people whom have the energy and the will to work on it, to harness it.

I'll be making a subreddit over at reddit.com to help keep track of things, to add infrastructure.

What I can bring to the table:
- A lot of R&D, huge knowledge of 12 years of magic and a great understanding of modern, good understanding of Standard and an average understanding of legacy. I'm also very well versed in limited environments.
I'll also be heading the projects, taking care of logistics and such, so all you have to do is sign up at reddit, make the cards, pitch in in discussions, and generally have a good time!
- "veteran" custom set maker - This would be my 5th set, the four others made on other platforms, such as mtgsalvation, reddit and a few obscure places that aren't active anymore. So I know my way around making sets, specifically the logistics and numbers behind, how many commons, uncommons, rares, multicolored, all that jazz.

The sets WIP-name is "Angels and Demons". Cliché, I'm aware.
But I picked it for several reasons, the most important being:

- It is EASY to find art for! Angels, Demons, Humans, Godlike-creatures. It's super duper easy to find art for, it's all over the place.
- It is a well established mythos, and we do not need to worry our heads too much with lore, "how does this creature react to X", "how does this tribe interact with this tribe", because all of that is well established. Demons vs. angels, humans are in the middle and can take both sides, there are "god" images on both sides. It creates a very workable environment with the whole good vs. evil.

What I expect from you is:
- Bi-daily card creation/taking part of discussions, aka, be active. I'm not looking for sloths who come around once a week, makes 5 cards, then goes unheard from until next saturday. No thanks.
- Preferably that you are willing to talk to me on some platform (like teamspeak), because discussions process much faster if we don't have to type everything, and it means we can concentrate our hours, so we don't have to wait for the next guy to see your message, reply, then you need to see the message, reply, and so on.
- European is a boon, but not a necessity. Because timezones.
- Using MSE is +++++++. Seriously. It's such a great cataloging platform, and it can do wacky things that MtgCardsmith currently can't do (like... hybrid color frames :D), but we will use MtgCardsmith as a main outlet for review and to see what the community thinks.


The reason I want to use reddit as platform is that it is easy to pitch ideas with no art there. Art can sometimes be hard to find, and a good idea shouldn't have to wait just because your google-fu is outdated.

Write up of cards are a great way to just do a brainstorm of ideas, for example:

Righteous Gust
2WU Rare
Destroy all non-white creatures with flying
"Even the skies aren't safe for those who don't believe!

Now, sure, there are some obvious mistakes with the card. Why is it blue? isn't it too strong in a set filled with non-white flyers? And so on. It's much easier to change and discuss, because the center of the discussion will always be the effect, and never the flavour/art. That can come later.

As such, I'd like to reiterate back to the fact that I'm looking for co-creators. No, not help. I'm looking for people who are willing to shoulder (almost) equal responsibility in the creation of the set (Block). We will make a block first, about 160 cards or so, then take it from there.

Using your profile as a sort of a port-folio, we'll talk about stuff, the creation of the block, what we want to do and so on. I won't blindly be accepting people, and I will also pose some... uh, challenges? to the people who are interested. Not really tests, because I consider us on equal grounds, but more so I can see how you design, your thought process.

Send me a mail at [email protected] if you're interested and I'll let you in on the details.


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