Counter Spells // Spell Counters (Contest) **Circuit Challenge**

Relax blue mages, this isn't another counterspell contest...

I've recently discovered this card and I find it fascinating! I'd be curious to see more like it:

In the vein of exploring unique design space, your task is to create a spell that creatively utilizes counters on the spell itself. I don't want to offer too many restrictions here but your submission(s) should probably not be a permanent and should rely on/interact with counters of some type. I'm flexible so long as you adhere to the primary thesis of the contest. Suspend is a spell mechanic that utilizes counters but I'd encourage exploring other directions (or utilizing it in conjunction with other effects). New cards preferred. Maximum 2 entries per 'smith. Editing/resubmission is allowed until the submission deadline.

Top 3 cards will be favorited
1st place - 2 additional favorites (follow as applicable)
2nd place - 1 additional favorite

This will be a quick contest. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm CST on February 11th and results will be posted by end-of-day on February 12th. Feel free to message me with questions.
Best of luck to you, 'smiths!

My scoring rubric will include Creativity, Balance/Playability and Formatting. Artwork should aid in a card's cohesion but will not be a deciding score factor. I will provide feedback on non-winning submissions after the contest has concluded by request.

**Circuit Challenge**

Thanks to @DomriKade, this is now a Circuit Challenge!!

1st place will receive 1 Point
2nd place will receive 3/4 Point
3rd place will receive 1/2 Point


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