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Pantheon of the Gods

The Pantheon of the Gods


=== Lore ===

In the heart of Coldhaven, a city full of chaos and conflict, there is one all the guilds have in common. At the end of the day, and the beginning of the morning, all come to this pantheon to worship the many gods they have.

=== Rules ===

Make 4 cards to show a specific god or goddess worshipped, the 4 being:

-The deity themself.
-A priest, or prophet of the god or goddess.
-A demigod of that god or goddess. These have not actual creatures, so you get to choose how to make these.
-The god or goddesses temple.

=== Dates ===


=== Prizes ===

1st Place: A whole Dragon's Maze dungeon dedicated to your god or goddess.
2nd Place: Let's first assume we can get to 2 entries, okay?

=== Artwork Example ===



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